Queen Elizabeth Covers Globe Magazine; Is Apparently Dying

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Queen Elizabeth Covers Globe Magazine; Is Apparently Dying

Queen Elizabeth has only six months to live, so screams the newest issue of Globe magazine. We’re sure that it should come as quite the shocker to the Queen herself. We all know that Elizabeth is trying her best to outlive Prince Charles so that no one has to see his level of buffoonery on the throne. Can’t they just skip him because of his shadiness and move directly to Kate Middleton and Prince William?

The magazine reports that the Queen has just spent her last Christmas with her family. Sad news if it’s true, but we’re doubtful that the Globe has some secret snitch in the Palace to reveal Her Royal Highness’ medical information. So far, this is just pure speculation on the part of the American media. Oh how we love to speculate!

Kim Kardashian To Have Another Huge Wedding!

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Kim Kardashian To Have Another Huge Wedding!

If you think that Kim Kardashian duping the crap out of E! for her televised wedding to Kris Humphries was the end of her bilking the public for their hard earned money, think again. After their marriage went down the tubes only 72 days after they tied the knot, Kim said that she was going to lead a more private life. Well we can all take that statement and flush it down the toilet because Kim is gearing up to marry Kanye West in a HUGE ceremony. Surprise, surprise!

Kris Jenner didn’t drop the date for the planned nuptials, but did say, “Hopefully it will be soon.”

With regard to the size of the ceremony, she said, “We have a pretty big family. I don’t think it will be two people in a chapel, if you know what I mean!”


Star Magazine: Kelly Clarkson Is Pregnant And Alone!

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Star Magazine: Kelly Clarkson Is Pregnant And Alone!

Just like Jennifer Aniston, it appears that American Idol season one winner Kelly Clarkson is pregnant and alone! What’s funny is that with both of these ladies, the tabloids ALWAYS get it wrong. ALWAYS.

Kelly just recently tied the knot with her husband Brandon Blackstock. Afterward, she said that they were already trying hard to have a baby. Now that she is expecting their first child with Brandon, the magazines want to make her the next “pregnant and alone” victim. Shouldn’t Star magazine know better already?!?

Two months after she and Brandon walked down the aisle together and there are already reports surfacing that he has been cheating on her with some other woman. Kelly is said to be “absolutely humiliated” at those reports and even worse — one of his supposed ladies on the side is pregnant! Can you say drama, drama, drama!?!?

Will it be happily ever after for Kelly and Brandon or are they doomed as Star seems to think? Hit the comments and leave us your thoughts.

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