Bingo Charity Events: Invaded by Hollywood Celebrities?

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Bingo Charity Events: Invaded by Hollywood Celebrities?

Los Angeles’ popular weekly charity event, Legendary Bingo was created by the Orange County born Jeffrey Bowman. The longest running week by week charity endeavor was founded in 1988. From then on, this charity garnered a lot of recognition by prominent news publications in 2010, including the LA Weekly. This is because Legendary Bingo never failed to have a successful fundraising event, as it earned massive charity funds for their partnered NGOs worldwide. Furthermore, its popularity heightened because they had famous Hollywood celebrity bingo callers like, Paris Hilton.

The ‘Bingo Caller’ Volunteers

The model and hotel heiress Paris Hilton has been seen a lot of times playing bingo at several popular gaming houses in Los Angeles. Her interest in playing bingo became a leeway for her to be one of the sought after bingo ‘ball callers’ in many Legendary Bingo events. Aside from the Hilton Hotels heiress, the Glee star Jane Lynch has volunteered to use her audacious voice as one of the celebrity ball callers along with other celebrities such as Ed Asner, Rachel McAdams, Molly Shannon, and more.

Why is it so important to have them as figureheads?

The Reason

According to Jeffrey Bowman, the bingo charity endeavor has raised more than $4 million for various non government institutions. The success of their fund raising events is the amazing list of the popular Hollywood personalities. They inevitably volunteered themselves to be ball callers, which made every single event more lively and enjoyable. These Hollywood celebrities such as Tippi Hedren, Lily Tomlin, and Jennifer Love Hewitt became regular Legendary bingo players as well, apart from enjoying a 90 ball game at FoxyBingo. Meanwhile, the Legendary Bingo normally holds its weekly charity fundraising event at Hamburger Mary’s on Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, California.

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