Celebrities That Enjoy Gambling In Casinos

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Celebrities That Enjoy Gambling In Casinos

Want to run into a celebrity? You could easily meet up with one in one of the many casinos found around the world. The excitement of casino gaming knows no bounds in regards to whom it appeals. Simon Cowell has been known to gambling in various casinos as has former presidential candidate, John McCain. McCain’s favourite casino game is craps which he has been known to play for hours at a time. Microsoft head Bill Gates is also to be a well known fan of casino poker. He of course opts for high limit poker where the wagers can be in the thousands of dollars.

Another celebrity who enjoys casino games is actress, Shannon Elizabeth. In fact, Elizabeth was a part of the World Poker Tournament Celebrity Invitational. She visits Las Vegas casinos about three times each month to play her favourite game. She has even helped Caesar’s Palace open a special new poker room. Most casinos have included within their design special poker rooms for those wishing to play high limit poker. Poker also seems to be the casino game to which many celebrities are drawn.

When enjoying casino games, celebrities can often select between different varieties of poker. Texas Hold ‘Em is a community poker card game that has gained a lot of notoriety in recent years. It is played in both land-based casinos and online casinos such as www.iphonecasino.com.au, and it’s popularity is probably mainly due to it’s exposure online through the online casinos. The rules are easy to learn and the game moves quickly. The game is one form of community poker where certain cards are placed face up in the middle of the table for everyone to use in building their hands. In Texas Hold ‘Em these cards number three while each player also have four of their own cards in their hand. Like most poker games, Texas Hold ‘Em features multiple rounds of betting where players can continue to remain in the game or fold their cards.

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