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Hollywood A-List Pasties: Topless Movie Stars!



marilyn monroe naked

Let’s face it, most young, beautiful and sexy Hollywood actresses are basically strippers.

But, somehow they get away with avoiding the stigma of that entertaining (and oh so worthy) profession by pretending they’re a step above working girls, just because they can “act.” So, what’s the difference?

Naked boobs, of course.

Although the lines between the so-called “porn” industry and the A-List Hollywood culture are getting blurrier all the time, there are still some in Tinsel Town society who  believe they’re above it all. But it wasn’t always that way…

Lots of rising young Hollywood starlets (and even some A-Listers) have posed nude without a second thought about how it might affect their careers down the road. After all, a girl’s gotta eat…

Because this is a family-friendly site, we can’t post naked pics. (Thanks morality!!!) So, we took the liberty of employing one of the oldest tricks in Stripperdom: The Pastie!

Here’s a gallery of photos (all taken from Pinterest!) of some famous names (and, oh yeah, faces) who bared it all for the camera before they were stars.

You’re welcome…

Rihanna in her see through robe


Shakira bare and naked


Britney Spears flashing her tits

Britney Spears

Jennifer Aniston topless with perfect tits

Jennifer Aniston

Kate Upton baring her funbags

Kate Upton

Mariah Carey showing off her racks

Mariah Carey

Jennifer Love Hewitt Naked

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Cameron Diaz Topless

Cameron Diaz

Charlize Theron is naked

Charlize Theron

Keira Knightley nude

Keira Knightley

Anne Hathaway topless photo shoot

Anne Hathaway


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Breaking News

Kristen Wiig to star in Wonder Woman 2



Kristen Wiig to star in Wonder Woman 2
Image courtesy of Pinterest

Kristen Wiig is really busy these days.

Because her upcoming schedule is so packed, she’s had to pick between starring in an AppleTV series or a lead role in Wonder Woman 2.

Care to guess which one she chose?


WW2, natch!

That’s not to say the AppleTV show (You Think It, I’ll Say It) wouldn’t have been hilarious and a critic’s and audience darling too. It’s just that, well, you know… it’s Wonder Woman!

Actually, she won’t be playing the title character.

Kristen Wiig is going to be stretching her wings (again) as the supervillain Cheetah.

Although she’s played some pretty dark characters in the past, we should get to see another dimension of her unique talent as she plays against both sides of the light.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a jock for the last decade or so, Kristen Wiig has been lighting up both the big and little screens after knocking them dead on Saturday Night Live and moving on to movies with her impressive starring (and writing) turn in Bridesmaids.

As if her decision wasn’t anguishing enough, it turns out Kristen Wiig has plenty more to stress over.

She’ll be doing her first musical with Will Ferrell called “Everything’s Coming Up Profits” and scribing a new movie with writing partner Annie Mumolo titled “Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar.”

And, oh yeah, a voiceover in the upcoming animated film “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” and another dramedy called “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?”

Whew! That’s some sked!

If she keeps this up she’ll be so famous that when she goes out in public, Kristen will have to wear dark glasses and a.. Wiig?

Sorry. Couldn’t resist…

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YouTube Stars: FoodMania Review (VIDEO)



YouTube Stars: FoodMania Review
Image courtesy of YouTube

If you like trying weird foods, drinks and snacks, but don’t have the budget for them (or the access) head over to YouTube and check out FoodMania Review.

The channel stars mother-daughter team Amy Anderson and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, who sample snacks, candies and drinks from all over the world.

Sometimes the ladies purchase the items locally, since they live in the heart of Hollywood. Other times, fans of the channel send in samples from their own locales. That’s usually when it starts to get weird.

Speaking of Hollywood, you may recognize this mother and daughter team. Mom Amy is a stand-up comic and actress and daughter Aubrey is… that’s right – Lily on Modern Family!

Together they make their own modern family and show lots of love and affection for each other as they try out some of the strangest foods on the planet.

And, oh yeah, charcoal teeth whitener…

The channel is on the verge of tipping over a million page views with more than 15,000 subscribers. Most videos are under five minutes and the editing is quick, snappy and fun.

It also doesn’t hurt that these photogenic gals are obviously enjoying themselves and it’s heartening to see a child surrounded by love and being raised in such a wholesome way. Right on the web!

So, if you want to learn about fascinating foods from around the world, give FoodMania Review a shot.

But, one more thing. Since there are no product endorsements, prepare yourself.

Sometimes things get yucky…

Here’s the latest video:


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Breaking News

Christina Aguilera goes topless for latest album promo



Christina Aguilera Topless

Ever wonder what’s under Christina Aguilera’s blouse?

Wonder no more…

In the latest promo pic touting her new album on Instagram, the Genie in a Bottle pop star leaves nothing to the imagination when it comes to those famous boobs. Or, rather, just one…

What else can be expected when the record is called Liberation?

Dropped last week, the new album is getting good reviews, which should be a relief since Christina Aguilera has not released any new songs in six years.

What she has been doing all that time has been straying away from her recording efforts. It includes getting married, getting a divorce and becoming a mother.

And oh yeah, starring on a little TV show called The Voice.

So, it’s not surprising she would bare it all (almost) to make sure her old fans don’t forget her.

And her new fans will discover just what liberation is.

In the last decade the pop siren has experienced some ups and downs. Especially on the bathroom scale.

But, it looks like she’s been whipping herself back into fighting weight. So, can she be blamed for wanting to show off a little?

No complaints here…

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