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Demi Lovato

How to Have Demi Lovato Confidence:



Over the years, we’ve all watched the beautiful singer/actress Demi Lovato grow not only as an artist but as a person. As many of us know, the young singer/actress has struggled with mental health issues throughout her life. Not only does Demi Lovato struggle with bipolar disorder and depression, but the young star also has her own personal battle with an eating disorder. She has dealt with bulimia and purging her whole life and her own personal self image.


Nowadays I know many young people who have dealt with the issues of loving their selves and finding confidence within. I myself have had a personal struggle, along with so many others.


Demi Lovato sports many #nomakeupmonday selfies all over Instagram and has inspired many of her fans, including myself, to do so as well. She has taught her friends to feel comfortable in their own skin and to love their selves with or without makeup on, no matter what size. She is currently partnering with Fabletics, showing us that health and fitness is something all people should try! She has personally inspired me to try a boxing class because it is her favorite workout! It really helps take the stress out and kick off some steam!


I think the way we can ALL have Demi Lovato confidence is to love the face and the body in the mirror. We need to love who we are right now, before we can love someone else, and before we can make any changes. We need to look in the mirror and be happy with ourselves first.

Photo Credit: Ralph Arvesen

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