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Kim Kardashian

I ate like Kourtney Kardashian for a day: This is what happened.



Kourtney Kardashian is probably my favorite Kardashian out of the million of them
(LOL). Not only because she has the least amount of work done to her body, but because she really takes care and respects what goes into it. Kourtney Kardashian’s diet consists of gluten free and dairy free whole foods. I am in no way, shape, or form, dairy free or gluten free, but I do try my best to limit my dairy intake and have never really considered gluten into my diet. So, this is my story. This is how I tried Kourtney Kardashian’s diet for 24 hours, and this is what happened.

9:00 A.M. For breakfast I tried Kourtney’s INFAMOUS Avocado pudding. I myself am a HUGE avocado fan, so this was something that always interested me. The best part about this breakfast was that there was only 3 ingredients IN THE WHOLE THING! 1 cup Coconut milk, 1 whole avocado, and 2 teaspoons honey. I threw all of that stuff into a blender and blended that ish up. What was left was a lime green pudding the consistency of that slime we all used to play with when we were kids. ANYWAYS, it was freaking delicious. I added some stevia into it to make it a little sweeter, but honesty Kourtney, 10/10 KEEP IT UP.

12:00 P.M. For lunch I was not too thrilled…AT FIRST. I’m not a huge salad gal just because they normally do not fill me up too well, but Kourtney’s signature ginger dressing salad was pretty filling! I bought some Light Ginger dressing from Whole Foods and added romaine lettuce (her fav) chickpeas, and chicken. I really liked how she isn’t too picky about her salads everyday. There was a long list that I could pick from for my dressing choices and I had the choice for my protein!

12:30 P.M. I drank a cup of hot green tea after lunch because Kourtney says this helps calm her stomach down and makes her fuller longer.

2:00 P.M. At this point, I was pretty HANGRY, I needed a snack and all that I was granted was a handful of almonds or some fresh fruit. Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE a good fruit, but I needed a little more than some nuts and berries…

7:00 P.M. THANK THE LORD IT IS FINALLY DINNER TIME PEOPLE I AM SOOOO HUNGRY. For dinner Kourtney likes to have some fresh homemade soups, but I felt that soup was not enough for my big appetite and I am SO GLAD that Turkey Chili is in her diet for dinner cause that was so delicious and really filled me up after not having really anything between lunch and dinner.

9:00 P.M. I had Kourtney’s matcha chia seed pudding for dessert and it was… weird. I am not a huge fan of the texture of the chia seeds so that threw me off, but the overall taste of the pudding was delicious!

Overall, doing Kourtney Kardashian’s diet for the day was very attainable and surprisingly not too expensive (like I thought it would be!) I went to bed feeling full and satisfied. Staying away from dairy all day definitely reduced my bloating as a whole. The next day I stepped on the scale and even dropped .5 pounds (probably water weight) but the fact that just taking dairy out of my diet affects me that much is amazing! I think everyone should try this diet out, not just people who are interested in celebrities, but people who are interested in health and fitness! It was fun seeing how Kourtney Kardashian eats, and I will definitely consider doing this diet sometimes when I want to reduce my bloating by cutting out more diary products and substituting them with easy alternatives like almond milk or coconut milk!


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Kim Kardashian

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