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Met Gala Favorite Outfits of 2018



On May 7th, in New York, New York the Met Gala came and SLAYED. Huge announcements were out and about, and celebrities came best dressed and worst dressed. Let me give you a little run down of my personal favorite outfits andwhat went down at the Met Gala.

NICKI MANJI SLAYED ME AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO HAS FREAKING EYEBALLS. The devil was out to play today and he’s never looked any better. She also dropped a huge bomb on us, WITH HER ALBUM RELEASE!!!!

Another stand out look that was super unique was Rhianna. She was dressed as “the pope” and certainly put her own sexy twist on it. She killed this, and I couldn’t imagine anyone else pulling this off better than her.

My last favorite Met Gala look was CARDI B!!!! Pregnant and beautiful, she looks like a golden goddess who could easily take over the world.

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How To Have a Solid Night Routine For a Better Morning



The magic to a happy morning is to prep the night before, and I mean really plan it all out. Having a happy and healthy night routine is the way to make your next day 10X’s better and even more productive than the last!

Step 1: Write a to do list for the next day, write down everything that need to be done and accomplished for the next morning.

Step 2: Wash your face, and take off your makeup (trust me on this one).

Step 3: Pick out your outfit the night before and hang it up.

Step 4: Put your phone on do not disturb.

Step 5: Read before bed (it’ll make you super sleepy).

Step 6: Light a few candles, get your wax burner going and really dim the lights!


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How to Have an Amazing Morning



Having a morning routine is something a lot of celebrities have to have to  get all of their busy schedules done. But, even with their busy days, they still need to have time for themselves, hence the morning routine of many celebrities.

  1. Wake up an hour earlier than you normally do, this gives yourself more time to get stuff done for yourself.
  2. Read for 10 minutes everyday.
  3. Workout daily.
  4. Wear something that makes you feel confident.
  5. Journal, write down 5 things everyday that you’re thankful for every single morning.
  6. Drink more tea!!

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Celebs + Pups



Name something cuter than a puppy. Name something cuter than a puppy being held by a hot celebrity. GOLD. COMPLETE AND UTTER GOLD.

Just take a look for yourself:

John Legend, Instagram

Ruby Rose, Instagram

Nikki Reed, Instagram

Amanda Seyfried, Instagram

Zooey Deschanel, Instagram

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