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Kenya Moore Fired From ‘Real Housewives’ After Hiding Marriage, Pregnancy News?



kenya moore rhoa angry

Kenya Moore could potentially be facing the boot from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and this time it’s because she’s hiding her personal life from producers.

Sources stress that the recent series of the show caused endless problems for executives over at Bravo, and producers, since Kenya had hidden the fact that she had married her fiance Marc Daly in a secret ceremony just weeks before filming for the show’s 10th season had kicked off.

Then, when news about Keny’a pregnancy began to swirl around the internet, Kenya denied the story to producers only to then announce it later on at the reunion.

All in all, Kenya has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and they apparently want her off the show because of it. If she can’t showcase her personal life then she can’t be a part of a franchise that’s all about the good and bads of life of a housewife cast member.

When asked by Hollywood Life whether Kenya had been fired from the show, executive producer Andy Cohen says that he and his team are still figuring out contracts and negotiations, but it has been confirmed that the entire cast was present for a meeting in Atlanta last week and Moore was notably absent.

Further reports stress if Kenya is in fact removed from the show, she will relocate to New York where her husband tends to work.

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American TV

James Corden to host until 2022?




Infamous Mc Chubby Carpool Karaoke hero James Corden has reportedly been offered a $10.6 million two-year deal to continue as the starring host of The Late Late Show.

The 39-year-old star scored the hosting gig after the stale comedian Craig Ferguson slaved his behind off for 9 years.

An estimated $13 million deal was signed back in 2015 by the British comedian for hosting the US series with CBS but will contractually expire in 2020.

Following the show’s success of the rebooted season in 2018, CBS bosses are thirsty for more late night Corden television, which is averaging 1.38 million viewers. By flashing another $10.6 million for an additional 2 years, CBS are hoping that their gravy train will continue with Corden falling for their trap to stay on as host until 2022.

A studio source said: “The feeling is that James deserves a significant pay hike.” And so he should! As of right now, Mc Chubby is squealing to be THE shiniest piggy bank for CBS after hours.

Corden’s Carpool Karaoke segment has not only become a viral sensation, it has also been a contributing success to The Late Late Show With James Corden‘s ratings – with guest appearances including: Michelle Obama, Adele, George Clooney and recently Paul McCartney.


It looks as though Corden may lean towards accepting the juicy offer, recently speaking to The Sun: “I’m not sure when I am coming home now — that is still up for discussion. We are in negotiations.”

Corden moved to Los Angeles from the United Kingdom in 2015 to fulfil the hosting role, alongside with his family – wife Julia and children, Max, 7, Carey, 3 and Charlotte, 6 months.

The deal will make James Corden the highest paid British television star on US television.

jamescorden (1)

James Corden with wife Julia Carey

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Celebrity Gossip

Teen Mom 2: Why are the kids still with Jenelle Evans?



Jenelle Evans on Teen Mom 2
Courtesy of YouTube

On the latest episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans carelessly flaunts (even more) what a bad mother she is and how she’s putting her 3 kids in danger.

But, hey, it’s must see TV, right?

Actually, it looks a lot like child abuse.

In the preview clip posted to MTV, it’s obvious those kids are in a house of Hell.

All while producers and cameramen gleefully record it all.

The drama begins with a sheriff knocking loudly on the front door. As the camera zooms in on Jenelle refusing to open up, there’s a shot of at least a dozen prescription pill bottles laid out on a kitchen counter.

All within easy reach of a growing child who might just think it’s candy when nobody is watching.

The sordid story continues with the cop increasingly insistent that somebody open the door to talk to him, his knocking getting louder and louder.

Finally, hubby David goes to the door, shirtless and looking like he just rolled out of the hay and refuses to let the cop in.

Why was he there?

Because the police had received a call that children might be in danger at the house.

David’s reply?

“Go check a nursery.”

There’s speculation it was Jenelle’s ex getting a little revenge, but it’s not clear who made the call.

Does it really matter?

Teen Mom 2 is a reality show popular because of all the gross adult drama.

But, should the kids be exposed to it?

Please, somebody.

Make another call.

And get those kids the hell out of there…

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YouTube Stars: FoodMania Review (VIDEO)



YouTube Stars: FoodMania Review
Image courtesy of YouTube

If you like trying weird foods, drinks and snacks, but don’t have the budget for them (or the access) head over to YouTube and check out FoodMania Review.

The channel stars mother-daughter team Amy Anderson and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, who sample snacks, candies and drinks from all over the world.

Sometimes the ladies purchase the items locally, since they live in the heart of Hollywood. Other times, fans of the channel send in samples from their own locales. That’s usually when it starts to get weird.

Speaking of Hollywood, you may recognize this mother and daughter team. Mom Amy is a stand-up comic and actress and daughter Aubrey is… that’s right – Lily on Modern Family!

Together they make their own modern family and show lots of love and affection for each other as they try out some of the strangest foods on the planet.

And, oh yeah, charcoal teeth whitener…

The channel is on the verge of tipping over a million page views with more than 15,000 subscribers. Most videos are under five minutes and the editing is quick, snappy and fun.

It also doesn’t hurt that these photogenic gals are obviously enjoying themselves and it’s heartening to see a child surrounded by love and being raised in such a wholesome way. Right on the web!

So, if you want to learn about fascinating foods from around the world, give FoodMania Review a shot.

But, one more thing. Since there are no product endorsements, prepare yourself.

Sometimes things get yucky…

Here’s the latest video:


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