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Janet Jackson Concerned Billionaire Ex-Husband Using Drugs Around Their Son Amid Custody Battle



janet jackson wissam al mana divorce custody

Janet Jackson believes that her billionaire ex-husband Wissam Al Mana has a substance abuse problem and consequently puts their son, Eissa, in danger when he spends time with his father.

According to reports, Janet shockingly called the police on Wissam earlier this week after the nanny had desperately tried to get in touch with the R&B singer, saying that she had concerns about Eissa’s well-being around his dad.

While it wasn’t elaborated on at the time, apparently Wissam had refused to give the nanny the WiFi password of the hotel room they were all staying at. Janet came to an agreement with the nanny that if there’s any trouble, she would be able to call her at any given time.

When the nanny had tried to get in touch with Jackson, Wissam refused to let Jackson communicate with his staff. If that wasn’t bad enough, staff also claimed that Al Mana had shown erratic behavior throughout the day which alerted several people that were present at the time.

For Janet Jackson to accuse Wissam of being on drugs, it would appear that she would have known about such incidents happening in the past, but when police showed up there was nothing that alerted cops to think the billionaire businessman was under the influence of any substance.

News of Janet Jackson calling the police on Wissam comes in the midst of the singer gearing up for quite the nasty custody battle with her former partner.

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Kendall Jenner Warns Hailey Baldwin: Justin Bieber To Leave Her For Selena Gomez?



kendall jenner hailey baldwin justin bieber romance split

Kendall Jenner is worried that Hailey Baldwin will once again see her heart broken by Justin Bieber, only for him to return to his on-again-off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez.

The TV personality, who is friends with both Hollywood stars, is seemingly worried about the rekindled romance Bieber and Baldwin has formed; she knows they love one another but she can’t help but worry for Hailey.

Justin has a history of jumping back and forth with his exes and the last thing Kendall Jenner wants is to see her best pal get hurt in the relationship again.

What would make matters worse is that if they break up and Justin reconciles with Selena, Hailey would be heartbroken, and that’s exactly what Kendall wants to prevent from happening.

According to sources, Jenner is keeping her eye out on the relationship, having allegedly warned her pal that she better be careful giving her heart to the Biebs again.

While Kendall Jenner understands that Hailey is in love, she should be aware that there could be a chance Gomez will reenter Bieber’s life again.

“Kendall knows how happy Hailey is to be hanging out with Justin again and that makes her happy but it also makes her worry. She doesn’t want to be a buzz kill but she can’t help but want to warn Hailey to be careful with Justin.

She doesn’t want to see her friend get hurt. But let’s face it, that’s not what Hailey wants to hear right now so Kendall’s just biting her tongue and trying to be supportive. But she knows how Justin can be, so it’s a struggle. For now though she’s choosing to stay quiet and hope for the best.”

Kendall Jenner and Hailey have been friends for a whopping five years, while her friendship with Justin dates back to 2010.

While she doesn’t want to involve herself in another relationship, she just wants the best for her friends; particularly Hailey who she considers one of her closest pals in Hollywood.

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Khloe Kardashian Angers Tristan Thompson Baby Mama After Using Her Son In Family Photo



khloe kardashian tristan thompson jordan craig baby

Khloe Kardashian has Tristan Thompson’s baby mama livid after having snapped a photo of the NBA player with his son Prince Oliver, from a previous relationship, and True.

According to sources, ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig is unhappy by the publicity stunt that the couple seemed to have pulled off by giving off the impression that they are a happy family but seemingly used Prince to play a part in their shenanigans, as one insider put it.

Craig believes that Khloe Kardashian would have been behind the idea to snap the photo and make it seem as if all is well behind closed doors of her home when fans are well aware that she had been getting cheated on throughout her relationship with Thompson.


A post shared by Tristan Thompson (@realtristan13) on

From what’s been gathered, Jordan was so angry about it, she made it known she would utilize the opportunity to get back at Tristan for using their son as a tool to gain positive attention from the media and the public.

“Jordy is taking the high road and is not going to throw shade on Tristan publicly but she’s super pissed about this. She feels like he used their son for a publicity stunt and she’s convinced Khloe is to blame.

Jordy’s happy Tristan’s promised to spend more time with Prince but she’s not so happy about Khloe being a part of her son’s life, that’s still a very hard pill to swallow.”

Khloe Kardashian is currently living in Los Angeles where she’s said to be enjoying a much-needed vacation with boyfriend Tristan.

Thompson waits for the results on whether he’s being traded to another NBA team for the forthcoming season or if he’s staying put in Cleveland.

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Chris Brown Jealous As Rihanna Gets Cozy With A$ap Rocky, Convinced They’re Dating



chris brown rihanna asap rocky dating

Chris Brown is under the impression that Rihanna could potentially be dating A$ap Rocky, and he’s totally not happy about it, according to reports.

The R&B singer, who hasn’t been romantically linked to his ex-girlfriend, is still said to have feelings for the Bajan beauty, Hollywood Life claims, adding that upon seeing photos of the “Work” hitmaker with Rocky at a fashion show in Paris, Chris Brown was immediately under the impression that the two are hooking up.

It should be noted that Rihanna has reportedly called things off with billionaire former flame Hassan Jameel, giving Chris Brown all the more reason to believe that seeing his ex-partner get close with another rapper earlier this week could hint that the two is seeing one another.

Rih-Rih and A$ap Rocky allegedly dated back in 2012, but their romance didn’t last all that long. Rihanna was even featured in the rapper’s music video for “Fashion Killa” where she played his love interest.

Regarding the situation, a source mentions:

“It hurts Chris to see Rihanna snuggling up to A$AP. Chris is for sure jealous of Rihanna’s relationship with him. It kills him that he and Rihanna aren’t as close anymore and that they have not maintained a closer relationship since breaking up.”

Of course, it’s confusing to think that Chris Brown is angry over his ex-girlfriend’s potential romance with Rocky since he’s said to be dating Agnez Mo.

The singer has yet to confirm those rumors though.

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