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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Discusses Donald Trump Meeting, Alice Marie Johnson Freedom



kim kardashian president trump

Kim Kardashian has discussed her meeting with Donald Trump for the first time in a recently-aired CNN interview, revealing how ecstatic she was to have received the phone call from the president regarding Alice Marie Johnson’s freedom.

The reality star had made every attempt possible to get in contact with Trump and his family, in the hopes that they will side with her reasons for having Marie Johnson’s prison sentence pardoned.

Johnson was imprisoned for 22 years, but sentenced to life, after being convicted as a non-violent drug offender.

The sentence she received was harsh, and Kim Kardashian was willing to do whatever it took in her power to reunite Johnson with her family, and that’s exactly what she did.

Speaking to Van Jones about the whole ordeal, Kim Kardashian says it was quite the process, but she’s grateful for Trump’s decision regarding the matter and the reaction it has had among the public.

Kim Kardashian

Alice Johnson Freed Is Free All Thanks To Kim Kardashian West



As we know, last week Kim Kardashian West traveled to the White House to talk to President Trump, no, not only to get that infamous picture we all saw all over google, but to talk prison reforms, especially the 63 year old grandmother, Alice Johnson Freed.

If you all did not know, Alice Johnson Freed was sentenced to a life in prison without any parole for money laundering, which were all first offenses. Kim Kardashian West took to twitter last year about this issue, and then eventually went to the White House to get this fixed.

Kim Kardashian West is pleased to have President Trump’s compassion and generosity to freeing Alice Johnson Freed. She is finally a free grandmother and will be immediately returning to her family after being away for so long. I think this is so cool how a celebrity not only cares about her image, but others as well. How the Kardashian’s have time to do everything all the time BAFFLES ME.


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Kim Kardashian Shares Strict Dieting Strategy For Best Body Results



kim kardashian body fitness

Kim Kardashian swears by this technique, claiming that in following this simple trick, her fans are ought to get the body results they want this summer.

Clearly leaving out the fact that she’s been under the knife a handful of times, Kim Kardashian credits her strict way of dieting and following a certain routine in being the reason why she’s able to control her habits so well.

The reality star mentions that she’s a sucker for a cheat meal every now and then, but instead of indulging on a fat-filled dinner, she prefers to eat clean for 10 days, with food that is loaded with protein and carbs, and then have a day off from her healthy diet.

In allowing herself to eat clean for 10 days and taking one day off to enjoy a limited amount of junk food, Kim Kardashian says it’s made the journey of staying healthy and keeping her body right that much easier.

See below for the full excerpt fo what Kim Kardashian shared on her official website as to how she keeps her body intact.

“I’ve been really strict with my diet, recently… When I grocery shop, I buy lean protein, carbs, fruits, and veggies, but every once in a while, I like to treat myself and have a cheat meal. It can be so hard (and boring) to eat really clean all of the time. A cheat meal allows me to enjoy food without feeling like I’m overindulging. My trainer, Mel, instructs that you should schedule a cheat meal about once every 10 days. This way you won’t lose any of the progress you’ve made at the gym.”

Keeping Up With the Kardashians returns this month on E!.

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Kim Kardashian Feared Losing Career Over Kanye West Slavery Comments



kim kardashian kanye west slavery

Kim Kardashian told Kanye West she feared they would lose their careers over the rapper’s comments concerning slavery, which the father-of-three says was a choice.

The controversial remarks, made on TMZ Live last month, left Kanye West’s fans absolutely stunned and appalled, with many stressing that they were over the rapper and would consequently refuse to support his latest album, Ye.

The record, which was released just last week, features a song that actually goes on to describe the whole ordeal and the aftermath of finding himself being undoubtedly being named the most unlikeable rapper in Hollywood.

His new song Wouldn’t Leave hears Kanye West talk about Kim Kardashian’s reaction to his comments, in which she tells her husband how she feared that the controversial comments were set to tarnish their brands and evidently their careers.

“My wife callin’, screamin’, say, ‘We ’bout to lose it all!’ / Had to calm her down ’cause she couldn’t breathe / Told her she could leave me now, but she wouldn’t leave.”‘

As mentioned in the song, Kanye notes that Kim decided to stay by his side regardless of the fact that he was now receiving hatred comments from left to right — even his own industry pals had turned their backs on him.

It’s believed that Kim and Kanye’s chaotic month in the tabloids will be played out on the forthcoming series of Keeping Up With the Kardashians when it returns later this month on the E! network.


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