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Miranda Lambert: Husband Stealer



Miranda Lambert can’t get her hands off of yet another man, and apparently it no longer matters if they’re married or not. After her divorce with country singer/pop-star Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert has been on the prowl for a new man and I guess her type now is the married ones.

For example, Evan Felker. Her new boyfriend is Evan Felker and apparently he fell so hard for the country singer that he divorced his wife of 1 year and is now DATING Miranda Lambert.

This completely blew my mind and I don’t know whether or not to be happy for the new couple, or disappointed that Evan Felker fell for Miranda Lambert that hard while he was married…

Anyways, here’s the couple together and they do look quite nice together if I say so myself…


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Celebrity Gossip

Khloe Kardashian Plans Second Pregnancy With Tristan Thompson Despite Cheating Scandal



khloe kardashian tristan thompson cheating scandal baby

Khloe Kardashian is reportedly ready to have another baby with Tristan Thompson, just months after the revelation of his cheating affairs behind her back.

Hollywood Life claims that being around Tristan as of late has definitely strengthened the couple’s relationship with one another, particularly now that Thompson’s child from his previous relationship, Prince, has been over at the house a lot.

Khloe Kardashian is currently staying out in Los Angeles where Tristan has been reunited with his son from his relationship with Jordan Craig.

Seeing Tristan with both Prince and their daughter True has definitely made Khloe realize how happy she is to have a guy like Thompson, putting the cheating affair to the side.

The reality star is allegedly convinced that having another baby is the next move forward, having told family and friends that she not only wants to expand her family line but also believes that it would do her romance with Thompson some good.

“Khloe [Kardashian] took the photo of Tristan with Prince and True, and she absolutely loves it. Khloe really wants True to know her big brother, and she’s happy that the kids are spending time together,” a source gushes.

“Khloe and Jordan don’t have the best relationship. Jordan totally blames Khloe for her breakup with Tristan, even though Khloe insists things were over between the two of them before she started seeing him.”

Khloe Kardashian thinking that a baby saves a relationship based on lies and cheating is quite interesting.

Fans shall see how this works out for her in months to come.


A post shared by Tristan Thompson (@realtristan13) on

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Scott Disick Ruining Kourtney Kardashian Vacation With Younes: She’s An Absent Mom



scott disick kourtney kardashian younes feud kids

Scott Disick found it in himself to call Kourtney Kardashian an absent mother to their three children after having flown out to Europe to head out on a much-needed vacation with boyfriend Younes Bendjima.

Reports have circulated for months now, stressing that Scott Disick has been jealous over the relationship; especially because he’s seen how good Younes treats his ex-girlfriend and he can’t stand the thought of another man being around her.

He should have probably thought about that before he was caught cheating on her with multiple women; suffered an addiction to drugs and alcohol, and began dating Sophia Richie at a time when he still had a chance to make things right.

Scott Disick was just carrying too much baggage for Kourtney to cope with and now that she’s happy and taking a break from mommy duties, the self-proclaimed sex addict says that Kardashian is an absent mother and should hurry back to Los Angeles, Hollywood Life reveals.

“Scott is being a total hypocrite about Kourtney’s vacation with Younes. He’s actually got the nerve to complain about her being an absent mom. It’s obvious that he’s super jealous Kourtney’s so happy with Younes. He won’t admit that he’s jealous, so he’s looking for something else to complain about.”

Apparently, Kourtney isn’t giving in to Scott Disick’s jealous demands. She’s enjoying her vacation with her much better-looking boyfriend, leaving her ex-boyfriend stuck with the kids for once.

It’s not like Scott Disick is stuck to his children all the time — he’s very much known to be the one who does all the traveling and partying while Kourt is with the kids.

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Ariana Grande Insists Pete Davidson Has A Large Penis Ahead Of Album Release



ariana grande pete davidson penis engaged

Ariana Grande is reaching desperate measures in making sure that her forthcoming album Sweetener sells a good amount of records.

In this era of music where artists are really struggling to even go platinum with their records, fans continue to see their idols do the most absurd things, such as constantly stripping nude, saying controversial things, amongst other things.

For Ariana Grande, however, talking about her fiancé’s manhood seems to have been her method of grabbing people’s attention to her music.

On her forthcoming album, one of the track’s happens to be called “Pete,” which is interesting seeing that she’s engaged to a guy named Pete Davidson — coincidence, perhaps? Presumably not.

So, just like any other fan, people were interested to know about the song; what it entailed, and better yet, how long was the song going to be.

Ariana Grande’s response, according to Just Jared, is what left a lot of people’s eyebrows raised, commenting to one user’s question on the length of the song by saying, “Like 10 inches?…. oh f–k…. i mean… like a lil over a minute.”

Grande and Davidson have reportedly moved into their first home together in the Manhattan neighborhood in New York City.

Their pad reportedly cost the couple $16 million ahead of their plans to tie the knot in months to come.

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