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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Begins Filming, Chris Pine Makes Shocking Return



wonder woman 1984 chris pine return

Wonder Woman 1984 has started shooting its first scenes earlier this week, it has been confirmed, but what’s surprising about the new film is that Chris Pine is expected to return in the sequel.

Fans will be well aware of the scene which saw Chris’ character Steve Trevor lose his life in the first movie — or at least so we thought.

Apparently, he’s not dead after all, but seeing that the movie is set in 1984, it may just be that Wonder Woman is going back in time to perhaps alternate what had happened in the last film.

Whatever the case may be, Chris Pine will definitely be returning in the forthcoming Wonder Woman sequel, which is sure to excite fans.

The sad part about it all, however, is that Wonder Woman 1984 will not be hitting theaters until November 1, 2019, so there’s still quite a wait before fans can make an understanding of Chris’ return.

In the meantime, there’ll be plenty of other superhero movies to watch though.

wonder woman return

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How did Johhny Depp blow through $650 MILLION Bucks?



Johnny Depp Blows His Fortune
Used by Permission

Johnny Depp has had a spectacular movie career, earning billions of dollars for the studios who make his movies.

And, for his troubles, he reportedly raked in a cool $650 million for himself.

Now, he’s claiming he’s “almost” broke.

How can that be?

In a bonkers interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Johnny Depp gives some insight into how it might have happened:

  • He bought a $7,000 couch for his daughter – because it was once owned by Kim Kardashian
  • When he gets home to his London mansion, his personal chef makes sure he’s infused with “never-ending goblets of wine” and a “pile of hash.”
  • He spends over $30,000 a month – on booze
  • He spent $5 million blasting Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes into space
  • He spends it faster than it comes in

Of course, Johnny Depp claims his financial “management” company skimmed a lot off the top. And, he’s currently suing them for $25 million.

Still, the numbers don’t quite add up.

So, the question is:

Where the hell did it all go?

Maybe Pirates Of The Caribbean isn’t a fictional story after all…

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Box Office Lines

Box Office Lines (Number Four)



Play Box Office Lines - The Movie Quote Word Game!

Welcome to Box Office Lines, the movie trivia word game using famous film quotes as the solution to a classic jumble puzzle.

How To Play Box Office Lines:

FIRST (on a separate sheet of paper) fill in the blanks with the missing words from well known quotes, phrases, titles and prose taken from popular culture.

1. A  _ _ _ _ _  for everything and everything in its place.

2. _ _ _ _  is where the heart is.

3. Dance  _ _ _ _  nobody’s watching.

4. Yes? Or _ _ ?

5. _ _ _ _ _ ‘_  got to be a better way!

NEXT, unscramble the clues and rearrange the words in order to construct a memorable movie quote – the Box Office Line!

Box Office Line: “_ _ _ _ _ ‘_   _ _   _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ !”

Movie Title: _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _   _ _


Check back next time for the solution and a brand new game of Box Office Lines!

Solution to Box Office Lines Number Three:

Box Office Line: “May the Force be with you!”

Movie Title: Like, every Star Wars movie!

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Breaking News

Kristen Wiig to star in Wonder Woman 2



Kristen Wiig to star in Wonder Woman 2
Image courtesy of Pinterest

Kristen Wiig is really busy these days.

Because her upcoming schedule is so packed, she’s had to pick between starring in an AppleTV series or a lead role in Wonder Woman 2.

Care to guess which one she chose?


WW2, natch!

That’s not to say the AppleTV show (You Think It, I’ll Say It) wouldn’t have been hilarious and a critic’s and audience darling too. It’s just that, well, you know… it’s Wonder Woman!

Actually, she won’t be playing the title character.

Kristen Wiig is going to be stretching her wings (again) as the supervillain Cheetah.

Although she’s played some pretty dark characters in the past, we should get to see another dimension of her unique talent as she plays against both sides of the light.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a jock for the last decade or so, Kristen Wiig has been lighting up both the big and little screens after knocking them dead on Saturday Night Live and moving on to movies with her impressive starring (and writing) turn in Bridesmaids.

As if her decision wasn’t anguishing enough, it turns out Kristen Wiig has plenty more to stress over.

She’ll be doing her first musical with Will Ferrell called “Everything’s Coming Up Profits” and scribing a new movie with writing partner Annie Mumolo titled “Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar.”

And, oh yeah, a voiceover in the upcoming animated film “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” and another dramedy called “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?”

Whew! That’s some sked!

If she keeps this up she’ll be so famous that when she goes out in public, Kristen will have to wear dark glasses and a.. Wiig?

Sorry. Couldn’t resist…

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