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Nicki Minaj Teases ‘Bed’ Music Video After Single Release — Listen Here!



ariana grande bed nicki minaj single video

Nicki Minaj is preparing herself for one hell of a successful comeback, and her newest single featuring Ariana Grande is proving just that.

The song, titled Bed, was released earlier today and immediately shot all the way to the top of the iTunes 100 chart in more than 22 countries, showing that the duo’s collaborative effort is paying off once again.

Bed marks the fifth time Nicki Minaj and Ariana have worked on together, with the previous being Bang Bang, Get On Your Knees, Side to Side, and The Light is Coming.

Nicki Minaj was quick to announce soon after the song’s release on iTunes that a music video is set to follow in the coming days and to tease fans, the female rapper posted a snippet of the visuals which were reportedly shot just 2 weeks ago.

Queen is the fourth studio album by Nicki Minaj hitting stores August 10.

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Drake Insinuates Pusha T Would End Badly Had He Released Another Diss Track



drake pusha t feud

Drake has hinted that if he had released another diss track aimed at Pusha T, things would have ended in a not-so-nice way.

DJ Akademiks claims to have had a conversation with Drake about his forthcoming album Scorpion, which sees a release later this month, and from what was gathered, sources claimed that the Canadian born had a diss track about Pusha T on the record.

After Akademiks had first mentioned the rumor on Complex’s Everyday Struggle, it was revealed that Drake had reached out to the news correspondent stressing that there was actually no diss track about Pusha T on his new album.

If anything felt like a diss towards Pusha, then that’s what it’s going to be, but there’s no actual song that is solely based on one person, or has the intention of even being looked at as a diss track to anybody.

“So, I reported it as a rumor because I didn’t hear the track myself. Drake did reach out to me and he said, ‘Listen. I didn’t change no track at Pusha. Whatever track that is, that track is.’ ”

In recent weeks, Pusha T has said that he’s over the feud with Drake, which he ignited, to begin with.

Having received quite the positive response from Hip Hop fans with his lyrical abilities and amount of research on things that fans never knew about Drake, such as having a secret love child, it seems that Drake staying away from the feud is a good idea after all.

Drake would beg to differ, but only time will tell what the album has in store for music consumers.

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Demi Lovato Hints At Drug Relapse in New Song ‘Sober,’ Fans Left Concerned



demi lovato relapse sober song drugs

Demi Lovato shocked fans when revealing a brand new song titled “Sober” in which the singer admits to having suffered from a relapse.

It’s unclear when Demi is said to have relapsed, but it seems to have been fairly recent considering that Lovato had been clean of drugs and alcohol for well over six years.

The singer was always quick to praise herself for staying on the clean route until the release of her new song, which she released via social media but failed to give clarification to.

Fans were quick to assume that Demi Lovato’s relapse happened recently, stressing that it would be strange to talk about an incident that could date back to well over six years ago before she managed to stay clean.

“Mama I’m so sorry I’m not sober anymore. Daddy please forgive for the drinks spilled on the floor,” Demi Lovato is heard singing on the track. “To the ones who never left me we’ve been down this road before. I’m so sorry, I’m not sober anymore”

Demi Lovato has been very vocal about her previously struggle with cocaine, admitting that the pressure of living in Hollywood definitely saw her lose control of her mindset and her health.

The “Tell Me You Love Me” singer has yet to clarify on how recent her relapse was — fans continue to wait for a response to the track from Demi Lovato.

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Christina Aguilera goes topless for latest album promo



Christina Aguilera Topless

Ever wonder what’s under Christina Aguilera’s blouse?

Wonder no more…

In the latest promo pic touting her new album on Instagram, the Genie in a Bottle pop star leaves nothing to the imagination when it comes to those famous boobs. Or, rather, just one…

What else can be expected when the record is called Liberation?

Dropped last week, the new album is getting good reviews, which should be a relief since Christina Aguilera has not released any new songs in six years.

What she has been doing all that time has been straying away from her recording efforts. It includes getting married, getting a divorce and becoming a mother.

And oh yeah, starring on a little TV show called The Voice.

So, it’s not surprising she would bare it all (almost) to make sure her old fans don’t forget her.

And her new fans will discover just what liberation is.

In the last decade the pop siren has experienced some ups and downs. Especially on the bathroom scale.

But, it looks like she’s been whipping herself back into fighting weight. So, can she be blamed for wanting to show off a little?

No complaints here…

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