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Kate Middleton “#1 Bad @ss!” Says Serena Williams



Kate Middleton "#1 Bad @ss!" Says Serena Williams

Kate Middleton is no athlete. But, according to Serena Williams, she’s the biggest “Bad @ss” she knows.

For the most famous, most winning and greatest women’s tennis player in history, that’s no minor compliment.

So, what has Kate Middleton done to deserve such praise?

Had a kid and bounced back into beach-body shape in no time. Twice…

And, Serena Williams should know.

She had her own baby last year and has been fighting her way back up through the rankings ever since.

It turns out, Serena Williams was friends with the Duchess of Cambridge long before she and Prince William were an item. Kate’s family have always been big tennis fans and regularly attended big events. That’s how she started rubbing shoulders with Serena and the two have been besties ever since.

So, who didn’t make the cut?

Not sure if these names are as well recognized: Beyonce? Rihanna?

Beyonce we get. But, Rihanna? Is she a mom? Does Serena Williams know something we don’t?

Of course, both these ladies can afford to have someone yell at them and make them feel like a couch potato any time they don’t feel like working out. So, it looks like the hired help is doing their jobs well in both cases.

But, it’s Serena Williams who might be the toughest. If she wants to be in the Finals again she’s got some work to do.

She’s currently ranked 25th worldwide, a spot she’s not occupied since she started her matchless pro tennis career.

It will be a long ride on the local until she switches trains. But, somehow we know that if anyone can do it, it’s Serena Williams. After all, it’s not like she hasn’t done it before.

So, will Wimbledon be the last stop on the Bad @ss express?

Stay tuned…

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Ruby Rose Criticized For Her New Role As Batwoman



Australian model and actress Ruby Rose deleted her Twitter account yesterday amid waves of backlash for her upcoming role as Batwoman. The DC character Batwoman is the alias of Kate Kane, who is Jewish and also openly gay. As soon as this decision was announced, internet gatekeepers from several fandoms and communities threw a fit because Rose does not match the character of Batwoman in real life enough for their liking.

What are the critics saying? In a nutshell, the complaint is that Rose is not lesbian enough to play this role. After all, 100% of good movie characters have actors of the same sexuality, race, age, height, and favorite color. Rose is attracted to women but identifies as nonbinary, according to an interview with Teen Vogue. The same actress who was praised by the LGBT community for her role as in Orange is the New Black is now being criticized for her queer identity. So her not identifying as a woman in the binary sense in real life is somehow worse than what some may call nonbinary erasure? Outraged Twitter and Tumblr activists have spent the last few days fighting over the nuances of labels under the hashtag #recastbatwoman.

The actress’ ability to act when auditioning for the acting role is the shallow part? Would a random Jewish lesbian with less experience and weaker acting skills really play the part better? Also, while the movie expresses the character’s identity, it is far from the main point and there is actually an interesting story to be told.

One of the main arguments is that Rose got the role and Ashley Platz, an LGBT Jewish actress, did not. It is unclear whether or not the advocates of #recastbatwoman know how auditions work or grasp the concept of competition. Movie producers choose the character who they believe will play the role the best, as it is in their best interest to receive good reviews from actual critics and sell more tickets. Ashley Platz responded calmly to this mayhem in the tweet below.

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angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie Demands More Money From Brad Pitt



For Angelina Jolie, divorce is a game of monetary and social revenge. Under the guise of not receiving a sufficient amount of child support money from her ex, Brad Pitt, Jolie has kept this ugly game going two years after the marriage ended. Over the past few weeks, these tensions have reached a boiling point.

Jolie has accused Pitt of not paying “meaningful” child support and wants him to make up for this retroactively. It is unclear what consists of “meaningful” child support in this case as the estranged couple has not explained any previous arrangements that they had agreed upon. Being one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood is a very tough job and Jolie obviously struggles to make ends meet without another multimillionaire by her side to help her.

Despite the fact that Jolie’s lawyer Laura Wasser has quit on her, the battle goes on. It appears that Jolie is trying to take the legal matters into her own hands while maintaining control over which aspects of the dispute the media will see. Coincidentally, they all seem to paint Pitt in a bad light.

Prolonging this public dispute must be great for the couple’s six children’s well being. Along with dealing with the emotional pain of a divorce, they also have to deal with their parents using them as a pretext for their own problems in front of the entire world.

Taken at the Telluride festival

Pitt has voiced his opinion of the whole mess and his concern for his children. According to sources, he thinks that Jolie’s making this case public is “disgusting.” From his point of view, Jolie is using him as a punching bag by misrepresenting him in the media in order to finesse several million dollars out of him. He made it clear that he “adamantly disputes the contention that he has not paid significant child support.”



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bella thorne

Bella Thorne Drops Copycat Makeup Line



Thorne is known for her eccentric makeup and style

Is a young female celebrity really successful if she doesn’t have her own makeup line? From Kylie Jenner to Rihanna, smart women know that capitalizing off of other women’s insecurities is the best way to boost their stardom. That being said, it’s much better to bring something somewhat original to the table.

Bella Thorne is the latest young celeb to announce a new makeup collection, pandering to the edgier teens with its unique name Filthy Fangs. Her eyeshadow palettes cost between $50-$60 and come in a range of bright, sparkly colors. Thorne posted several pictures promoting her makeup on her Instagram page, @bellathorne.

However, it seemed that Thorne neglected to realize that in this day and age, it is much harder to plagiarize. And the internet caught on in no time. Thorne has been accused of copying another makeup brand called Juvia’s Place, which is owned by Chichi Eburu, a popular African makeup artist. And the internet could not be saltier about it. Under the picture shared above, Instagram user @dilipglawcequeen commented “Your other palette packaging and color scheme are stolen from an independent black owned company that has worked and grinded to have some of the best pigmentation and blendability at low prices and you got the caucasity to steal color concept and packaging? [heavy profanity].”

How similar are the two products? After all, there are only so many possible combinations of colors and package designs so it only makes sense that there is some overlap among brands. Twitter user @whatsLDPupto posted a side-by-side comparison of Eburu and Thorne’s collections and strongly believes so. Juvia’s Place is pictured on the left side and Filthy Fangs is pictured on the right.

A representative from Juvia’s Place responded calmly to the controversy, saying that “We are not affiliated with [Filthy Fangs]. Yes we are aware of the painful and awkward similarities. It’s obvious they have done little to no research or they have bluntly stolen our concept which is unacceptable. We believe in originality and the brand you have mentioned lacks that. We have chosen to be light hearted about the situation, after all makeup is supposed to be fun!!”

Only the future will tell if Thorne and her company will take this advice to heart and brainstorm a little better next time.

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