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The Next Crop of Gorgeous Hollywood Starlets Breaking Through in 2018



Haley Bennet

There’s an old saying in Hollywood: “Petty girls are a dime a dozen.”

But, out of the thousands of beautiful women who descend on Dream City every year, only a handful qualify as the next “It” girl. Basically, it all comes down to whether the camera “loves” them or not.

Sure, having acting chops helps. But, the real question is, how do they look with next to nothing on?

2018 is no different than any other year and the latest bumper crop of Glam Dolls are walking over less-hot bodies to make it to the top.

So, who will make the cut?

A quick search on the web reveals the Top 5 contenders, some of whom you’ve already heard of and seen.

But not like this…

Feast your eyes on these gorgeous ingenues, all wearing their skimpiest outfits and showing off their true talent:



Odeya Rush is so beautiful

Odeya Rush
Coming Soon: Dumplin, Spinning Man and Dear Dictator

Gemma Chan coming soon on Crazy Rich Asians

Gemma Chan
Coming Soon: Crazy Rich Asians and Mary, Queen of Scots

Sonoya Mizuno on lace underwear

Sonoya Mizuno
Coming Soon: Crazy Rich Asians

Anya Taylor-Joy Rocking a leather dress

Anya Taylor-Joy
Coming Soon: Thoroughbreds and The New Mutants

So Seductively beautiful Haley Bennet

Cover Girl: Haley Bennet
Coming Soon: The Red Sea Diving Resort

50 cent

50 Cent’s ex Daphne Joy could lure an angel into an orgy with savory side boob



50 Cent’s ex Daphne Joy

50 Cent’s has left a gleaming and enduring legacy in the musical and movie industry. Agreed, 50 cent’s character in 50 has been killed, but here is what will live with 50 Cents all his life: his eye for beautiful women. From Ciara, Vivica Fox, Daphne Joy and Chelsea Handler, 50 cent has uncontestably established his legend as the real PIMP with a lengthy encyclopedia for his diary of past relationships.

Well, talking about 50 Cent’s ex Daphne Joy, she remains one hot sex ball that will keep stunning us. Epically curvy, daring and divinely chiseled, Daphne Joy turns you on even on an apron.

50 Cent’s ex Daphne Joy

Well, here are two big truths we can’t deny: one, White House is the office of the president of the United States and two; 50 Cent’s ex Daphne Joy can tempt the Pope into an orgy!

Flashing her mouthwatering side boob and sumptuous legs from her outfit going out in Westlake Village, there is nothing much left to imagine from Daphne’s outfit with her heavy curves struggling to be modestly encased in the lovely dress.

50 Cent’s ex Daphne Joy

The social media influencer is a hefty bag of sexual fun and she reminded us loudly of her goods as she strolled out for dinner in a white pretty backless gown. Cut high to reveal her bedeviling thighs, Daphne was the complete Puerto Rican definition of HOT.

At 32, the mixed Puerto Rican 50 Cent’s ex, Daphne Joy, has enjoyed a fair slice of fame for the cream of celebrities she has dated. She has a six year son for fifty and has enjoyed hot flirtations with Jason Derulo in the past.

50 Cent’s ex Daphne Joy

Looking chic and lovely, Daphne a reputable social media influencer toned up her appearance with unique pyramid shaped bag shaped silver much in the appearance of a crystal. Her silver stilettos were also on point flanked delightfully with simple diamond earrings.








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Female Celeb

Ireland Baldwin Realizes Boobs Are the Eight Class of Food and Dishes Us Enough Side Boobs



Ireland Baldwin

Let us get on a moment of sober reflection and go on an honorable philosophical journey. Meditate, breathe in deeply and out, now ask yourself: how boring would the world be without boobs?

Lol…not the most honorable meditations, but let us tell you the ultimate formula to transform our lovely planet earth into paradise: less of guns…and more of boobs!

Well, Ireland know boobs are the eight class of food else she serves us a sumptuous plate of her side boobs for our optical relish.

Ireland Baldwin

Rocking a generous black top, there was a significant ration of sideboob for our eyes to feast on.

The sensational model enjoyed some jolly time at the Stagecoach Festival in Indio, California where she strutted an ocean of tattoos strewn across her arm including an exciting snap of David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane.

Her blue Levi’s where elegantly tucked into brown cowboy boots reminiscent of that legendary cowgirl heroine bullying us with her mouthwatering sexiness.

Ireland was swimming in love as she took some time off with her endearing boyfriend singer Corey Harper.

Ireland Baldwin

While we were just saying Lord’s Prayer to ask heaven for forgiveness from our lustful thoughts, Ireland would go on to share a devilishly savory bikini snap on Instagram where she tortured us further with a dark green patterned two-piece as she sensually gazes into the sun with her beauty outshining the sun.

Ireland Baldwin

And then we are energetically dreaming again of just a night with her, even with our bibles beside us!

Oh Lor…



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bella thorne

Bella Thorne Reportedly Scares Off Burglars



What exactly is Bella Thorne doing these days? It looks like she’s been dabbling in everything, from acting to music to makeup and has been mildly successful with all of those. Apparently, the former Disney star can now add fighting crime to her resume too.

According to Teen Vogue, Thorne was home alone when a burglar tried to break into her house by smashing a window. She reacted by going outside to investigate before going back in to call the cops. It was a risky move, but no real damage was done.

Did they end up catching the guy? For now, no. The teen star reportedly scared him off when she went outside to investigate. A source from Hollywood Life told reporters that “that was enough to scare the would-be burglar away who hightailed it from the house and fled into the darkness.” The burglar must have been a real amateur to have been scared away by Bella Thorne. Then again, some of her fashion choices are pretty creepy. For all we know, she could have been dressed like this.

What made Bella look like an easy target in the first place? The burglar must have kept a close watch over all Thorne-related news that week. But nevertheless, he was a little late to the party. The singer went to New York last weekend to perform at the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival. Maybe he expected her to stay in the Big Apple a little while longer because hey, who wouldn’t?

Luckily, the eccentric beauty is safe and is currently polishing up her acting career. According to Deadline, she is busy filming a movie called Conrad and Michelle: If Words Could Kill. The movie is based on a true story about a teenage couple in which the girl tries to convince her depressed boyfriend to kill himself and ends up succeeding.

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