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13 Reasons

13 Reasons Why “13 Reasons Why” May Not Be the Show for You




  1. If talking about some deep rooted issues like suicide might be a personal trigger to you, this may not be your show.
  2. It can get emotionally draining. Keeping up with a lot of the episodes are hard to watch and even hear. But you have to know, this is a show on a topic many do not talk about because it is so emotional and sensitive.
  3. You suck at paying attention to shows. “13 Reasons Why” is a show that you can’t be on your phone while you watch cause then you may miss something
  4. You have little siblings that watch Netflix with you. Some things I think little kids shouldn’t see, and I think this is a perfect example of that.
  5. You think the actor who plays Alex (Miles Heizer) is cute… HE’S GAY AND I’M SAD ABOUT IT.
  6. You ALSO think the actor who plays Justin Foley (Brandon Flynn) is hella cute… ALSO GAY AND ALSO SAD ABOUT IT.
  7. You’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy and can’t help but call Hannah’s mom Addison.
  8. You usually watch upbeat shows that make you feel good after watching them like Friends or the Office. “13 Reasons Why” is not the show for you because many times it makes me feel a bit uneasy after watching.
  9. You don’t like story telling shows
  10. You get too emotionally attached and connected to characters. Many of them die, many of them lie, and many of those who you initially like are not who you think they are.
  11. You think Hannah Baker is annoying from the beginning.
  12. You think this show is a terrible representation of suicide and sheds more of a negative light on it rather than positive.
  13. You read this whole list and agree with at least half, “13 Reasons Why” may not be the show for you.

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