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Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid and Facial Threading? WHAT



Bella Hadid, Gig Hadid’s older sister, was always very insecure about her looks (for what reason? BEATS ME THAT GIRL IS BEAUTIFUL). Anyways, she never was as confident especially when it came to her face. It is clear for many of us to see the difference in her face from past photographs and one can easily just say “oh she’s fake, must have gotten plastic surgery like the rest of them.” This is NOT the base with Bella Hadid. In fact she did one of the newest trends that does not involve any type of facial cosmetic surgery, she has face threads in her face. Face threads is a non surgical face lift, and surprisingly many celebrities are loving it. Face threading does exactly what a face lift does, minus the surgery aspect! It still lifts sagging facial skin and is much safer than normal cosmetic surgery. What happens, is the incisions are marked by the doctor and a special needle and thread is inserted and then looped through the target holes. The thread is pulled tightly to dramatically lift the face, making one look “more beautiful.” Bella Hadid is a firm believer in this facial threading and recommends it over cosmetic surgery drastically. I know many people like to judge celebrities based off of their injections they get to make themselves look better, but this is their job. Sometimes you’re PAID to look good, and if a few more needles and threading helps Bella feel better about herself and increase her confidence, than hey I’m all for it! You do you boo boo.

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Bella Hadid

The Weekend buys Bella Hadid a $72k wristwatch while we are buying our girlfriends $5 rose flowers



$72k wristwatch

For most of us men, we take enormous pride in the fact that we have our private international space station in our bedroom, regularly taking our ladies to the moon in the most powerful intergalactic orgasms. The six inches police baton inside our boxer shorts is our masculine badge of honor! But aside that what more can we give in our relationships? Most times pizzas and nothing!

Now, how about a gift of $72k watch?

For sure, you would have to rob the World Bank with the help of aliens before you can give such gift right? For some of us, it is as stupid as giving out your annual income (in addition to emptying our credit card).

No, we can’t fall in love that way, even Cupid wouldn’t shoot our hearts that lethally!

Well, Weekend gave out that $72k watch to his girlfriend Bela Hadid!

Of course, you don’t want your girlfriend to know about that so she doesn’t push up her expectations from you.

Weekend is about triggering “inflation” in relationships with an extravagant $72,000 wristwatch made by the famous Audemars Piguet watch makers.

$72k wristwatch

For sure, Bella Hadid was drowning in pride, parading the gift all about Instagram Stories.

She tagged it the “most insane/beautiful thing u ever gave me.’ In reference to the flamboyant show of love from her 29 year boyfriend Weekend.


Writing on a clip on Instagram, Bella gushed:  ‘Don’t like to talk bout this stuff but. ‘The most insane/beautiful thing you ever game me, although it still comes 2nd to your luvvv @theweeknd.’

In a glamorous show of eminence, the cover of the watch is splendidly made of 18-carat pink gold and with lovably random waves of diamonds press ravishing it thoroughly.

Love is sweet, if only there is money though!

This wristwatch is an emblem of royalty worn by the mighty likes of Kylie Jenner, Alex Rodriguez and Bruno Mars!

$72k wristwatch

The lovebirds started dating in 2015 before they split before Weekend would go on to briefly date Selena Gomez. But love found Bella Hadid and Weekend again in 2018 and they continued from where they stopped romantically!

Well, Weekend, you can buy your girl even a $20 million wristwatch, we will keep buying our girls $5 rose flowers. Call it the ghetto-love, but we all are in the same love!

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