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Since many of today’s topics are revolving around everything about celebrity relationships, at least one is tried and true. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the happy couple. These two could potentially run the world (sorry Beyonce) and they even know it. With their huge following, combined, we have a huge population of world population. Think what you want… yeah Kim gets whatever the hell she wants, is too hot to do anything without it look provocative, and really is only famous because of her sex tape (I’M SORRY KIM I LOVE YOU THOUGH) but really is Kim Kardashian told you to do anything, you would do it. Don’t lie. These two are the ultimate power couple, and everyone knows it.

Though they are not the average couple, they love one another more than most. Kanye goes above and beyond for Kim with everything he can possibly do. 100 roses, diamond rings the size of your fist and surprise visits around the world. Whatever you think is big, Kanye does bigger and better. These two are the perfect fit FOR EACH OTHER. No one else could please Kim Kardashian’s expensive taste, and no one else could deal with Kanye’s unfiltered words. They balance one another out, and have proven to be amazing together and amazing parents to their children.

So happy 4 years, Kim and Kanye! We wish you the best with the rest. Keep on shining, smiling, and taking over the world.

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