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Top 10 Sexy Weather Ladies Pouring On The Heat In South America [Gallery]



Sexy Weather Ladies

The weather in South America is very hot.

So are the weather ladies!

Up north, and around the rest of the world, we’re more likely to see dudes with impressive meteorological credentials letting us know if we’ll be needing a jacket or an umbrella before we head out the door.

But, in Latin America, viewers are more likely to be thinking of rubbers!

Whether or not these sexy weather ladies have degrees, the newsroom is usually much hotter than the streets outside the studio.

Naturally, we’re all for it…

So kick back, pop a cold one and feast your eyes on the Top 10 sexy weather ladies in South America.

They give us a whole new reason to believe it’s about to get Muy Caliente…


New Movie Trailer Reviews in Haiku [6.22.18] (VIDEO)



New Movie Trailers Reviewed in Haiku 6.22.18
New Movie Trailers Reviewed in Haiku 6.22.18

It’s time once again for New Movie Trailer Reviews in Haiku.

This time out the focus is on movies already in theaters with BIG NAME STARS, BIG BUDGETS and, still, they turn out to be… BIG BOMBS!

At least, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

All five of these films scored low on The Tomato Meter, splatting across the screen and ultimately failing the smell test.

But, just like the old saying goes: “There’s no accounting for taste.”

Even if it’s bad…

So, we’ll let you be the judge!



Here’s one road movie

Where you’ll find yourself screaming:

“Please run out of gas!”


Beach House

It’s just for the day

But you’ll regret accepting

The invitation


Izzy Gets The F*ck Across Town

About halfway through

You’ll be thinking, “Should I ask,

Can I go with you?”


The Catcher Was A Spy

When he was a boy

He yearned to be a catcher

Shoulda learned to pitch


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

These are new Dinos

But it’s soon made very clear

Why they went extinct!


New Movie Trailer Reviews In Haiku [5.25.18]


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HAHA Britney Spears accidentally Flashed the Paparazzi in Miami



Was it accidentally ? or was it a big slap in the face to Kevin Federline

Federline, 40, claims he makes less than 1 percent of what Spears does in court documents filed on Tuesday.  The father of six — who shares sons Sean Preston, 12, and Jayden James, 11, with the pop star — claims he is currently earning $3,000 a month and receives $20,000 ($10,000 per son) each month from Spears in child support. Federline claims in the documents that Spears “earns in excess of $34,000,000 per year.”

Read Here for more about Federline’s Child Support Issues

Good luck K Man, by the look of things I don’t think Britney is to concerned.

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Jackass Johnny Knoxville Returns as Bad Grandpa in ‘Action Point’ (TRAILER)



Jackass Johnny Knoxville Returns as Bad Grandpa in Action Point

Remember the Good Old Days? You know, when kids were allowed to play without adult supervision and, sometimes, died?

Well, that’s the plot of the new Johnny Knoxvile movie with a Bad Grandpa type returning and waxing nostalgic about a time when the world barely noticed if an idiot lit himself on fire or let another idiot kick him right in the nuts.

All on camera of course…

The MTV Generation will remember the TV series Jackass in which Knoxville led his merry band of lunatics and prodded them into some of the craziest stunts ever filmed.

How did he do it?

Like any good leader, it started at the top.

The premise of this new movie (in theaters now) recalls those glory days before the Nanny State shut down the school and takes us into a bygone era when an amusement park allowed kids (both old and young) to do whatever they wanted, including getting drunk and looking for a fight or beating the crap out of old cars with a baseball bat.

And, that’s just for starters.

Have a look at this trailer and take a stroll down Memory Lane to a time when, if you wanted to, you could nail your gonads to a table without anybody stepping in to say,

“What are you? Some kind of Jackass?”


Image courtesy of YouTube

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