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Fans Finally Get What They Want on Master Chef Australia: A Nasty Gordon Ramsay



Gordon Ramsay finally loses his temper on Master Chef Australia

Gordon Ramsay is well known for his cooking skills.

But he’s even more famous for losing his temper.

And viewers of his latest show Master Chef Australia have taken to Twitter to ask when will he finally blow his stack?

The next episode promises to settle the debate when Ramsay objects to a badly prepared salmon, spitting out his rage and slamming the unfortunate aquatic vertebrate against a kitchen wall.

Tonight’s episode shows Ramsay in rare form and quiets the battle raging on Twitter with tweets like this one yesterday:

‘We’ve seen nice Gordon, happy Gordon, serious Gordon and tomorrow night during the team service challenge we finally get to see what we all paid for: angry Gordon.”

This comes after weeks of tuning in expecting Gordon Ramsay to fillet some poor acolyte with his forked tongue, only to show the jovial side of the world famous chef.

Gordon Ramsay is BACK!


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