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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian + Donald Trump



On May 30th, 2018, Kim Kardashian meets up with Donald Trump for an important discussion about prison reforming and sentencing.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West are avid about this issue and have paid a high amount of money on this issue of Chicago inmates and their releases. It is no surprise that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West are big Trump fans and supporters.

Courtesy of Donal Trump Twitter

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Why Are People Calling Kim Kardashian A Bad Mom?



Kim Kardashian West is no stranger to controversy. The reality star is constantly scrutinized for her body, fashion, relationships, and family. But now, people are also criticizing her parenting, specifically of her five-year-old daughter, North West. What’s the big deal?

A few days ago, the queen bee posted a cute selfie with North on her Instagram.

However, the fact that the child is wearing a bikini made many people question Kim’s parenting. According to them, she is sexualizing her daughter and making her into a target for pedophiles. One commenter wrote “you should not post pictures of your children on social media, you should protect them or at least keep them in child-appropriate clothing. Babies should not be in bikinis! It’s sick.” Apparently, letting your child wear a bathing suit in the summer, presumably to go swimming, is a terrible thing to do.

Online outrage culture means that a bathing suit can never just be a bathing suit. Though millions of little girls have worn bikinis in the summer for the sole purpose of swimming and enjoying the weather, the internet has decided that now it’s a problem.

Many fans defended Kim and North, saying that people were trying to make a problem out of nothing. One fan wrote “Kim is with her daughter in a safe environment. I guess her kid is the only kid to ever wear a two-piece? Let the mom parent her kids and stop shaming moms.”

The thing is, NOBODY should ever look at a five-year-old and think anything remotely sexual. The idea that a preschool-aged child needs to cover herself so that she doesn’t tempt adults is nothing short of disgusting. By voicing their “concern” for North on social media, people are blaming the victims of these sick ideas when they did nothing wrong.

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Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen And Kim K Wear Implant Jewelry



Although they sometimes deny it, the Kardashians are all too familiar with implants. In fact, Kim even started wearing jewelry inspired by them. And now, model and Twitter activist Chrissy Teigen is getting on that bandwagon too. This time, the implants have nothing to do with surgery and everything to do with makeup. Hollywood’s two favorite things come together in designer Simon Huck’s concept exhibit. The collection of not body jewelry is called A. Human. We are official living in the future, guys.

Source: Elle

Kim’s skin necklace looks surprisingly subtle for what it is. At first glance, it looks like a normal piece of jewelry. Only after looking at it for two or more seconds does it start looking bizarre. According to Mrs. Kardashian West, “it moves to the rhythm of my heartbeat.” That’s not creepy at all! But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Chrissy Teigen took a break from making basic bitches laugh on Twitter to model this bold, bird-inspired piece:

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Someone should tell the model that wings go on your back, not on your chest. But hey, it still looks pretty badass.

Like most futuristic things, these implant beauties are pretty bougie. The average non-rich person probably wouldn’t spend hours with a professional artist to get the look of raised skin on some part of their body for any reason. But they also aren’t the ones making a difference in fashion.

The most interesting pieces from A. Human can be found on their Instagram page.

Is this quirky alternative to shoes more alien or mutation gone wrong? Who cares! They are super intriguing to look at. Animal rights activists will be happy to know that no actual snails were harmed in the making of these. Maybe they’ll even replace leather someday. Okay, not a chance, but one has to wonder how hard it must be to walk in these things. If the wearers were not models and normal people who weigh more than 100 pounds, they would probably be worried about breaking them.


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Kim Calls Kourtney The “New Rob”



When a Kardashian doesn’t like you, they don’t hold anything back.

Right now, it looks like Kourtney is learning this the hard way.

After Kim lashed out at her, calling her “the least interesting to look at,” and criticizing her for “not having a f*cking business she’s passionate about,” one would think she would simmer down a little. But that’s just not the way she rolls.

Kim is the classic mean girl. She wants her sisters to be like her and act like her, while laughing in their faces for not being as good as her.

And if you try to challenge her in any way, such as having a different lifestyle, she gets pissed. Hence the personal attacks and #extra comments.

Her latest attack on Kourtney, as seen in a preview for an upcoming episode, involved her accusing Kourt of being “the new Rob.” What does this mean?

Their brother Rob is notoriously the least famous and least successful Kardashian. In Kardashian Land, that alone clearly makes him a terrible person unworthy of basic respect.

Kim shared her “concern” with her sisters, asking “do you think it’s like, a cry for help? A cry for attention? Is she the new Rob? She drives me so crazy. I just don’t even know what to do.”

She could, maybe just maybe, start by not making fun of Rob for his personal struggles. After all, not everyone can be born a beautiful woman without a pesky thing called empathy holding them back.

After what happened with Blac Chyna and that trainwreck of a reality show, the poor guy just needed to chill for a while.

It looks like Kourtney is getting more than enough of the rest she needs at least. The uninteresting reality star was last seen chilling in a revealing, leopard-print bikini.

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