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War on Hollywood Headlines in Haiku (Number Two)



War on Hollywood Headlines in Haiku

We’ve had quite a week in the War on Hollywood and plenty of headlines have been causing some heat.

But, it’s time to take a break and indulge in something less fiery.

So, here’s the latest installment of War on Hollywood Headlines in Haiku:

Angelina Jolie Films ‘Maleficent 2,’ Her First Movie Since Nasty Brad Pitt Divorce

Anyone surprised?

Guess Jennifer Aniston

Was always “The One”

Fans Finally Get What They Want on Master Chef Australia: A Nasty Gordon Ramsay

It’s true most of us

Don’t want “nice” Gordon Ramsay

Please make him angry

Kourtney Kardashian Mommy-Shamed Over Son’s Eyebrows [PHOTO]

Leave the kid alone

In fact, he looks beautiful

“Hail the Unibrow!”

‘New Girl’s’ Zooey Deschanel Plant Based Diet

Lettuce be thankful

Here today, gone tomato

And don’t forget: Beans!

Jimmy Kimmel on Roseanne Cancellation

Worst thing about it?

All the folks who lost their jobs

At minimum wage


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Celebrity Gossip

Idris Elba and Sabrina share a romantic kiss as the fresh couple jet home from Ibiza honeymoon



Idris Elba and Sabrina

The news was lighted up previously with the romantic marriage of Idris Elba and Sabrina. The hunky actor tied the knots with the former Miss Vancouever back in April.

The lovebirds celebrated their marriage with a delectable three-day getaway at the fun packed Ibiza Island where they munched much of its famed ecstatic sun.

After all the marital wining and dining, the couples are jetting back home in high spirits. Terribly in love, Idris and Sabrina couldn’t resist a mouthwatering kiss as they walked hand in hand.

Idris Elba and wife

Idris with his habitual keenness for being fashionable was in a casual mode. The actor rocked khaki shorts, a pastel green T-shirt with black trainers donning them below. Sabrina also reciprocated the casual look with ankle-length black trousers (which were loose fitting) rocking some nice sneakers on.

Idris Elba and wife

Idris paraded his stacked muscularity previously during their Ibiza holidays as he strutted his abs in his hotel room’s balcony with just a white towel covering his modesty.

Idris Elba and wife

Sabrina and Idris would be deliciously adorning the cover of British Vogue’s Bridal Issue for next month and give us a tasty glimpse of how their marriage transpired at Morocco’s Ksar Char Bagh hotel with just specially selected 150 guests.




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Celebrity Gossip

Charli XCX goes NAKEY NAKED in daring new album artwork  



Charli XCX

Well, anything sells anything. You can even get naked to sell a bible. That is the height to which obscenity has become delectable if you wanna be real commercial and hit stardom the Kim Kardashian style.

Talk about Charli XCX and she is always ready to go the length raunchily. Ask her to flash her nipples in church and there you have it!

Charli XCX

The audacious singer bared it all on Instagram to promote her new album which she interestingly titles after herself Charli.

There we see the 26-year singer proudly flaunting her nudity with just pink metal ribbon covering her modesty. For sure, this pink metal ribbon was added post-production.


Charli XCX

Charli’s new album would be coming out at September 13 and Charli can keep her excitement to herself.

Splashing the new all across Instagram, she wrote:


‘Angels, I am so so so happy to announce that my new album, Charli is out September 13th.


You can pre order it now and I will also be going on tour to perform it for you (all info link in bio).


This album is my most personal, which is why I decided to call it by my name. I’ve put as many of my emotions, my thoughts, my feelings and my experiences with relationships into these 15 songs and I am so proud of them.

Charli XCX

‘Those of you who have been with me on my journey as an artist, i know you have waited for a new album from me for a long time, and I really hope Charli is all you can imagine and more.


‘I cry when I listen to it – and I also wanna party when I listen to it so I KNOW ITS GOOD…



Well, we can wait to give it a good listening to verify the authenticity of her claims.

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fast and furious

The Real Badass: John Cena officially joins Fast & Furious 9



John Cena

If there has been something racing faster than the cars in fast and furious, it must be our hearts as Vin Diesel titillated us mercilessly with snippet of what is to come in Fast & Furious 9.

Yes, you can’t see him because his time is now. Yeahhhhh, we are talking about no other person than WWE Franchise superstar JOHN CENA!!!

Like it or not, the big and burly John Cena will be gracing the epic sequel of the fast and furious franchise.


John Cena

Confirming his eminent position in the upcoming Universal’s hit fast and furious 9, we see John Cena making his first official performance among the cast.

For now, we don’t know much about John Cena’s character but we for sure know he is gonna be a really tough guy as hinted by Universal press release who tagged his character the real ‘ bada**.’

Van Diesel looked cool on his sun glasses shared from crumbs from the cake filming himself along John Cena possibly inside of a film studio.

John Cena

‘Guys, as you know, I’m always thinking fast, and thinking about the responsibility of making something iconic and deserving of your loyalty,’ Diesel ranted.

I know this sounds crazy, but every blue moon, I feel like Pablo up there sends me someone, another soldier for the fight for truth,’ he continued, in reference to his late bestie, Paul Walker.

John Cena

‘Today, someone came by the Toretto gym that speaks to what Pablo would have brought me,’ he said, roving the camera to reveal John Cena well suited up and trying to hide a smile as he slowly waves to the camera.

‘All love, always,’ Diesel adds.

John Cena

It is most likely Cena would be taking up the vacuum left by Dwayne Johnson, who broke off to star in Hobbs & Shaw, which sees Dwayne joining forces with his rival Jason Statham.

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