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Dan Reynolds from ‘Imagine Dragons’ DIVORCE



We all know (and love) Imagine Dragons’, a popular alternative/pop music group that has many hit songs on huge radio stations, billboard awards, and concerts.

We also all know (and love) Imagine Dragons’ lead singer, Dan Reynolds and are SHOCKED about his recent divorce that took place end of April this year. Dan Reynolds was married to his wife Aja for 7 years, until announcing the couple’s divorce.

I’m still not over this at all, I think because WE (the fans) DIDN’T GET CLOSURE.


Though I am happy they are happier and healthier apart, and their kids are taking the split well, I think we should have a bit of an understanding why they decided to call it quits after 7 years. Maybe soon we will have these answers, but for now we should respect the couple’s privacy and enjoy Dan’s amazing music playing in all of our cars radio stations.

angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie Demands More Money From Brad Pitt



For Angelina Jolie, divorce is a game of monetary and social revenge. Under the guise of not receiving a sufficient amount of child support money from her ex, Brad Pitt, Jolie has kept this ugly game going two years after the marriage ended. Over the past few weeks, these tensions have reached a boiling point.

Jolie has accused Pitt of not paying “meaningful” child support and wants him to make up for this retroactively. It is unclear what consists of “meaningful” child support in this case as the estranged couple has not explained any previous arrangements that they had agreed upon. Being one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood is a very tough job and Jolie obviously struggles to make ends meet without another multimillionaire by her side to help her.

Despite the fact that Jolie’s lawyer Laura Wasser has quit on her, the battle goes on. It appears that Jolie is trying to take the legal matters into her own hands while maintaining control over which aspects of the dispute the media will see. Coincidentally, they all seem to paint Pitt in a bad light.

Prolonging this public dispute must be great for the couple’s six children’s well being. Along with dealing with the emotional pain of a divorce, they also have to deal with their parents using them as a pretext for their own problems in front of the entire world.

Taken at the Telluride festival

Pitt has voiced his opinion of the whole mess and his concern for his children. According to sources, he thinks that Jolie’s making this case public is “disgusting.” From his point of view, Jolie is using him as a punching bag by misrepresenting him in the media in order to finesse several million dollars out of him. He made it clear that he “adamantly disputes the contention that he has not paid significant child support.”



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