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Kanye West Crying Over New Album Success Amid Controversial Slavery Comments



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Looks like all the tantrums Kanye West has had in the past couple of weeks have tremendously helped him shift an impressive amount of records.

It’s been confirmed that the rapper’s latest album, Ye, was streamed over 100 million times in the first three days of its release, thanks to music platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

For many, Kanye West was “canceled” to them, meaning that they would no longer support him following comments he had made over at TMZ’s office, stressing that slavery was a choice among other things.

It definitely seemed as if whatever Kanye was about to release in the coming months was going to affect his career in a negative way, but that turns out to be far from the truth now that the numbers are beginning to pull in.

Aside from the astounding streaming numbers, Kanye West is also expected to sell a whopping 120,000 physical copies of the new record, which seems low but given that nobody buys records these days anymore, the number is still rather high for music industry standards in 2018.

It’s believed that West is already planning to head out on tour with the seven songs that are featured on the album. Given that album sales are strong, he has every reason to make some more money on the road.

Kanye has since taken to Twitter, saying he was “in tears” over the success. I would be too after causing so many negative headlines and still winning.


Kanye Wasn’t Joking About Running For President



Kanye West’s ego knows no limits, and now he’s about to take it to the next level. The 41-year-old rapper has toyed with the idea of a presidential campaign for years. Most of us assumed it was just some sort of joke. But now, West is talking seriously about running for president in 2024.

The “how” is obvious; the man is ridiculously rich and has an enormous following. And since all Americans already know his name, he will never have to sell ideas in order to put himself out there. Besides, who wants to learn about boring politics when you can just vote for the guy whose TV show or music you like? The question right now is why. In an interview last Thursday, West shared his highly educated views with the country.

He spoke about his passion for medicine, saying “one of my main things once I’m president is the medical industry. I’m going to make sure that the medical industry flourishes.” It sounds like West was trying to say something about healthcare reform here but he has yet to clarify what he meant. Oh well, close enough. Who has time to listen to detailed issues these days anyway?

So what exactly is this guy’s platform? Apparently, he plans to run as a centrist and has expressed admiration for both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. West expressed his #deep feelings about the political divide in the United States: “even red or blue — it’s still red or blue. It’s divisions. We don’t need to think in divisions. We need to think in arms because we’re actually one race, one people, one civilization.” Thanks for the Instagram caption, Kanye.

So now what? There are still six more years until the 2024 election. Will the artist spend that time becoming an expert on the constitution, history, and foreign policy? Anyway, if by some crazy chance the guy ends up getting far, that says much more about his supporters than it does about him.

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Kanye West has always been an…interesting dresser. His style may make some people scratch their heads, but the rapper wears it with pride. As the saying goes, everyone wants to love themselves as much as Kanye loves Kanye. After all, half of looking good is having the confidence to THINK you look good. Lately though, his shoe choice has come into question.

Source: GQ

Kanye wore this bold fashion choice to rapper 2 Chainz’s wedding at his mansion in Miami. But neither his voluptuous wife Kim nor his ill-fitting suit were the center of attention this time. So what were people talking about? Those damn sandals. Aside from the fact that he’s wearing socks with sandals, the shoes don’t even fit him…at all. Also, isn’t it hard to walk like that? Naturally, people wanted answers.

The confident artist seemingly answered everyone’s questions with this Tweet:

Mystery solved? Looks like it. So what has the Japanese culture enthusiast been up to recently? The answer may shock you. After a controversial summer involving him voicing his support for Donald Trump and calling slavery a choice, the rapper is…still doing that. In an interview this morning, Ye kinda but not really apologized for his slavery comments, saying “I have never really approached or addressed the slavery comment fully, and it’s not something for me to over-intellectualize…it hurt people’s feelings and the way that I presented that piece of information. I could present in a way more calm way, but I was ramped up. And I apologize. That happens sometimes when people are—I’m not blaming mental health, but I’m explaining mental health.”

He also said that in order for Donald Trump to be a great president he needs the support of black people. It is unclear whether or not he thought about why the president hasn’t exactly won over most people of color.

Oh well. At least he can pull off socks and too-small sandals better than most people.



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Drake Throws Shade At Kanye



Did Drake sneak a Kanye diss into his Chicago set last Saturday? Fans insist that they heard what they heard. Apparently, the rapper changed the lyrics to Know Yourself ever so slightly. Instead of saying “then Kanye dropped,” he said “then Kanye flopped.” Was this a power move, fighting words, or just a misunderstanding?

For a large group of fans, this was a reason to boo, calling more attention to the diss. So far, neither artist has responded to the incident. But based on their history, both Kanye and Drake have a habit of dragging out old beef in their lyrics. When everyone knows about it, nothing is subtle anymore. Earlier this year, Drake called out Kanye for focusing too much on fashion in his “Behind Barz” freestyle, singing “they wanna link when they got no chunes / They too worried about selling out shoes, I don’t give a f*ck about jeans or crap / Or going to Milan or going to the Met / I just wanna make these songs for the set.” It is unclear why Drake believes that Kanye, or any artist for that matter, doing other things with their career besides music, is a bad thing.

Overall, fans seem to think that Drake’s just complaining about old news. The Twitterverse is not impressed judging by the lack of “spill the tea” comments. To be fair, Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B are at the top of the rap game right now. Neither Drake nor Kanye are trending, but some people are still talking about them.

If anything, Drake is just making himself look like a petty clown. People might like his music slightly better, but Kanye has the stronger personality. Also, he’s married to Kim Kardashian which is the definition of life goals for most people out there.

Twitter user @indigochildian pointed out that Drake’s sales were better because he literally released 25 songs at the same time, while Kanye only released 7. Interesting..


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