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Britney Spears

Britney Spears Handed With Subpoena In Kevin Federline Child Support Fiasco



britney spears kevin federline child support custody

Kevin Federline is seeking quite the increase when it comes to the child support money he’s currently receiving from Britney Spears, it’s been reported.

The twosome has been feuding over the matter through their lawyers, as Kevin is actively fighting to receive $30,000 a month — which is almost a $20,000 increase from what he’s currently said to be receiving on a monthly basis.

Federline is said to have subpoenaed Britney Spears in the hopes that she will agree to share her finances, her annual earnings, and her tax returns, to allow the judge, in this case, come to a decision on whether Federline should be granted a raise.

While it’s believed that Britney Spears and Kevin share a good relationship when it comes to their two boys, Sean and Jayden, the two have not been seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to child support finances.

Granted, Britney Spears earns millions of dollars a year, but should she be entitled to increase the current amount she’s paying to Kevin?

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Britney Spears

Is Britney Spears Suffering From Memory Loss?



Last week, a rumor about Britney Spears suffering from some form of memory loss went viral. Apparently, the star had been acting strange at a few of her shows, concerning some fans. The more dedicated armchair MD’s and Google experts saw aspects of her behavior as strange. Soon, they pieced together a theory about the 36-year-old’s neurological health. Is this just some internet gossip? Or is the singer now saying “Baby, One More Time” for a different reason?

Where did this bizarre idea come from? According to Gossip Cop, the tabloid National Enquirer published an article titled “Britney’s Brain Is Broken.” The 100% credible source reported that “Britney is forgetting stuff at an alarming rate and it’s very worrying to her friends and family. She can’t remember even the simplest things, like where she’s performing and people’s names.” The evidence? Sometimes Britney doesn’t recognize people that she’s just met. What an obvious symptom of a terrible disease!

Fox also published a piece voicing “concern” about the singer’s “faux British accent” as well, which may have contributed to the theory about her mental state. But with no solid sources to back it up, it’s pretty safe to say that this theory belongs in the trash.

So what has the obviously-forgetful pop star been up to lately? She’s busy touring Europe, performing her best throwback hits such as “Toxic.” The sales have been pretty good, but some fans have been complaining about Brit’s stage presence. According to Financial Times, “her show was highly rehearsed but imaginatively underpowered, a slick and rather sterile affair.” Well, you can’t please everyone.

Britney Spears is an underrated inspirational figure. 11 years after her famous breakdown, the star showed us that shaving your head and attacking people with umbrellas is all part of growing up. Although her all-denim getups and sexy schoolgirl outfits will be missed, Spears looks fit as ever these days.

Imagine being able to wear low-rise jeans without having muffin top…one can only dream.

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Britney Spears

Britney Spears set for return to Las Vegas




It looks like the pop princess is ready for a residency return to Vegas!

Britney Spears, 36, wrapped up her four-year Piece of Me residency at Planet Hollywood in December 2017.

The singer is reportedly in negotiations for a two-year show, commencing in 2019 at The Park Theatre, in The Monte Carlo.


Mirror reported that as part of the deal, Spears will earn $500,000 per show – a deal that will make her the “highest-paid woman on the Strip, beating Celine Dion.”

An exceptional deal that is too good to refuse. And it looks like the 36-year-old singer is steering towards taking on the deal.

A Vegas insider revealed: “Britney has pretty much verbally agreed to return for a very significant fee.”

Executives at Caesars Entertainment declined to extend the Toxic singer’s deal at Planet Hollywood, where Spears was previously raking in $400,000 per show.

Another perk to the deal is Spears does not “have to sing all the lyrics” – a skill that Spears is known to be a master at.

A residency come back cannot be at a more better time than in 2019. The show debut will coincide with the 21st anniversary of Spears’ smash hit single, Hit Me Baby One More Time.

Spears previous Las Vegas show, Piece of Me, grossed $138 million.


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HAHA Britney Spears accidentally Flashed the Paparazzi in Miami



Was it accidentally ? or was it a big slap in the face to Kevin Federline

Federline, 40, claims he makes less than 1 percent of what Spears does in court documents filed on Tuesday.  The father of six — who shares sons Sean Preston, 12, and Jayden James, 11, with the pop star — claims he is currently earning $3,000 a month and receives $20,000 ($10,000 per son) each month from Spears in child support. Federline claims in the documents that Spears “earns in excess of $34,000,000 per year.”

Read Here for more about Federline’s Child Support Issues

Good luck K Man, by the look of things I don’t think Britney is to concerned.

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