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Kate Spade

Kate Spade Suicide



Kate Spade is an iconic brand. Everyone has heard of it, everyone loves a cute Kate Space handbag, wallet, or whatever other cute accessory you need. Kate Spade was the epitome of success and happiness…

Or so we all thought.

Courtesy of Twitter

On Tuesday morning, at approximately 10:00 a.m. police officers found Kate Spade dead. Suicide.

This was completely shocking to me, I was terrified. How could someone this successful, this happy, want to end her life? She had children, money, everything one could want… or so we thought.

Sometimes with suicide, it’s an ongoing battle with depression and you cannot go into someone’s minds to find out the real deep rooted issue with something as extreme as suicide. We never know what struggles someone is going through, we don’t know when they have they bad days or good days.

We are sending our prayers and thoughts to Kate Spade’s family. Rest in peace to a fashion master mind and a kind and beautiful soul.


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