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The Benefits of Coconut Oil and Why All The Stars Use It



Coconut oil is like the God of all. IT IS SO VERSATILE. IT CAN DO ANYTHING. That’s why stars are loving it, and I mean LOVING IT.

  1. Good for your hair. Putting cocnut oil in your hair and then tying it up into a cute little bun is genius. Sleeping with coconut oil and then washing it out the next day will have you completely amazed. The oil acts like a deep conditioner and will leave your hair smooth, shiny, and breakage free! We recommend you do it only once a week, but you will 100% notice a huge difference in your hair!
  2. Natural makeup remover. AND IT DOESN’T BURN AT ALL. All it takes is a little dabble of it.
  3. Healthier cooking alternative. Instead of using butter or the fake ass “PAM” use COCONUT OIL.
  4. BOMB ASS COFFEE CREAMER. This is an amazing technique and strategy and YOU MUST TRY IT. Kourtney Kardashian does this every morning, you put a dollop of coconut oil in your coffee and it is immediately creamier, richer, and your getting a good amount of your healthy fats!

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