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Cutie Pie North West Strutting Her GORGEOUS Straight Hair



North West is Kim Kardashian West’s first baby, and she is cuter than ever. The four year old girl has a beautiful set of curly hair and rocks it everyday. But, on this day we were out for a surprise!

She looks absolutely adorable, and there is no doubt that this look is totally Kardashian inspired. The Kardashian’s love to rock the tight pony tail, slicked back. This makes for more focus on facial features, and overall a glamorous look.

I think it is adorable that North is matching her momma Kim and they are both looking absolutely stunning, take a look for yourself…


Kim Kardashian Straightens North West’s Hair For NYC Outing — See Adorable Pics

It’s amazing seeing how much North has already grown up and can’t believe she turns five tomorrow!


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