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Why Chrissy Teigen Will Be The BEST Mom EVER



As many of us know, Chrissy Teigen recently gave brith to her baby boy Miles. WE ARE OBSESSED (he is adorable) and she will be the absolute best mom EVER.

@ChrissyTeigen, Instagram

Here’s 5 reasons why:

  1. She’s hilarious. Please just check her Twitter, you would so know that if you do. (@ChrissyTeigen, btw).
  2. Chrissy Teigen does a lot of good political and charity work, this sets an amazing example for her new born baby boy Miles.
  3. John Legend and her set a great example for how parents and husband and wife should be. This will show her baby Miles what his future relationship will be like, setting the standards high, and rightly so!
  4. She’s real with her viewers and fans. She’s always down to Earth, she DOES NOT GIVE A CRAP what anyone thinks of her at all.
  5. She’s confident and knows who she is as a person. If there one thing Chrissy Teigen is not, it is fake. She knows her worth and shows it to the world.

Chrissy and John, we applaud you for being amazing role models and parents, CONGRATULATIONS!


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