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Ashley Graham, THANK YOU.



Ashley Graham, plus size supermodel is KILLING the positivity on plus size bodies and is making every girl WANT to be thick. WE THANK YOU ASHLEY GRAHAM.

Coming from a women myself, I find it quite difficult to be comfortable in my own skin, and many times I turn to social media and often find myself feeling even worse.

NOT THE CASE WHEN YOU FOLLOW @AshleyGraham on Instagram, she is the epitome of “body-posi” and EMBRACES the curves and stretch marks her beautiful body has.

Just take a look for yourself:

@AshleyGraham, Instagram

@AshleyGraham, Instagram

@AshleyGraham, Instagram


She posts so many amazing and sexy posts on her instagram, flaunting her curvy body and appreciating it as well. Her captions focus on embracing the parts of you that you used to dislike, and finding a love and comfort in a bigger build!

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How to Get Beach Waves WITHOUT The Heat (or the beach)



It’s summertime and the living is easy. It is finally beautiful out, the sun is shining, cruising windows down. I want nothing more this summer than to turn my flat, straight hair into some gorgeous beachy waves. Sure your classic curling wand can do the trick, or even a flat iron… but after some time, your hair will be frazzled, burned, and flatter than ever. I needed to find a solution, an easy heatless trick that will make my flat hair beachy again.


  • wash your hair, let it AIR DRY
  • Part your hair into two parts and braid into a LOOSE french braid
  • Sleep on your hair, or wait at least 6 hours, to let the braid and curls hold
  • Take our the braid and IMMEDIATELY spray with hairspray upside down

THAT IS LITERALLY IT. You now have the beachy, heatless waves you always wanted and your flat hair doesn’t need a 70th split end from the curling or flat iron.

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