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03 Greedo Proposes to GF Kei Bradley – On His Way to Prison!



03 Greedo Proposes to Kei Bradley Before Prion
Creedo proposes marriage before prison (Image courtesy of Pinterest)

03 Greedo is on his way to prison, but it’s Kei Bradley who’s getting locked up. And, she’s all for it.

At Bradley’s Monday night Hollywood show, Greedo came out of the audience to the stage and went down on one knee. Of course, he popped the question and his longtime girlfriend said “Yes” to thunderous applause.

Try topping that show stopper.

What makes the moment more poignant (and bittersweet) is the fact that Greedo is on his way to a 20-year prison sentence for a drug conviction and various other serious charges. And, it’s not the first time he’s been in this kind of trouble with the law.

In fact, the rapper’s career has been pockmarked with other violent and drug-related incidents that earn jail time for anyone involved in such activities.

The fact that 03 Greedo is a musical genius, with a knack for hooks and grooves, isn’t helping him avoid a long time behind bars.

But, the rapper vows to continue his music career from inside the joint. How he’ll get that done isn’t clear, but if anyone can do it, it would be him.

The conviction stems from a 2016 vehicle stop in Texas in which cops claimed to smell weed coming from the trunk. Forcing it open they discovered bales of bud and enough meth to kill a horse. Plus, two handguns were found.

These are all serious charges and they’re made all the more confusing since 03 Greedo was riding high after self-producing his own music online and being picked up for a million dollar contract.

Now, he’ll have to pay the price. But, it’s clear he wants Kei Bradley to wait for the day he gets out.

According to public court documents, that could be in as little as 5 years with good behavior.

Looks like 03 Greedo has already started…

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Celebrity Gossip

You definitely don’t want Calum Best and Wayne Lineker near your daughters!



Calum Best and Wayne Lineker

Now, when we have ladies dumping their outrageous curves on every website page available on the internet, what will the guys strut? Abs and eggplants! Take it or leave it, there has to be a “gender equilibrium” in the sexual aroma of the internet.


So when we have the Kardashians and Amber Rose killing it with those historic hourglass figures, we have a balancing act of a Cristiano Ronaldo, and Dwayne Johnson posing shirtless with well-chiseled boxers that would even get grannies horny!


Well, if you consider the weight of feminine allure dripping from the internet, you can’t just abandon Cristiano Ronaldo and The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) take on the task of achieving that sexual equipoise across male and female . Therefore we have other guys taking the mantle to create that “balance”.

Calum Best and Wayne Lineker

Now, you would be expecting Chris Hemsworth to tear his shirts off and show men still got it but not him this time. Calum Best and the legendary Gary Lineker’s brother are the ones taking the war to the ladies this time. In a baffling double penis picture, both dudes strip it all tucking their manhood into big football socks.


The dazzling bodies of these dudes (a product of gallons of hours spent in the gym) and their arrogant manhoods masked in the polite socks is the spice of the picture. Call it crazy, but the internet is roaring with thrill.


Calum Best, the famous Love Island contestant, has the same fiery love for controversy as Khloe Kardashian has for basketball stars. He has occupied his fair acres of the global spotlight for his racy pictures quite distant from the fame we knew his genius football father for, George Best.

Calum Best and Wayne Lineker

While this picture of Calum Best and his bestie Wayne Lineker would appear to have been taken after gulping a sea of beer, it was actually the rave back them in the bizarre cancer awareness trend.


Wayne Lineker did well to caption the post “Throwback to the c*** in a sock charity campaign…”


Both guys took the crazy shot back in 2014 in the height of the Cancer Research UK campaign.


Like it or not; these guys GOT IT. You definitely don’t want them near your daughters!

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Vs Angel Josephine Skriver’s daring cleavage at the Coachella could give a dead man a hard-on!



Vs Angel Josephine Skriver

Victoria Secret Angels are universally famous for one thing: THEY HAVE GOT IT.

Looking for confirmation? Here is one for you.

Josephine Skriver sent eyeballs scurrying with her flaunting cleavage at the Coachella music festival on Sunday.

If you got it, flaunt it right?

The Coachella has been more of a festival of sexuality than of music though. The music of glaring screaming bodies in a way have been more melodious than the actual sounds the festival was meant for.

Rocking a low black bra top with a daring cleavage screaming “Halleluyah”, Skriver criminally stole the show, murdering whatever bit of righteousness was reserved for Easter.

The Danish angel made sure her the sexual aroma oozing from her daring cleavage was made more arousing with a high cut red skirt; completed with a black leather belt garnished further with silver. Her allure must have suffocated the whole festival, right?

Vs Angel Josephine Skriver

Those long legs striding gracefully along with an audacious cleavage. What more can you ask for?

At 26, Skriver is getting to the peak of her angelic powers erotically. Her body is cutting in the right places to form a dazzling curvature that could even a dead man a hard on!

The Coachella music festival has been making the headlines perpetually for a delicious mixture of wrong and right reasons.

Our lovely celebrities have made sure the music is as tasty as for our ears as their hot bods for our eyes. The likes of Lana, Kim Kardashian have ensured that the show is never malnourished of sexiness.









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Miley Cyrus strips on Easter: Jesus would need to die again to save Miley



Miley Cyrus strips

If it had rained on Easter Day, it must have been heavens crying. Christ gave his life on Easter so we can wear fuller clothes, but how about when Miley Cyrus goes topless to celebrate the gift of salvation?

While our stomachs feasted on the famed Easter pickled eggs, Miley ensured our eyes were not starving as she dished us some savory pictures of her shirtless baring it all.

Of course, it is not news anymore Miley Cyrus stripping for her 92 million followers – we love her for racy her generosity even if sometimes we wonder if a court gave her restraining orders not to put on shirts.

In the picture she shared, Miley Cyrus makes it a lovely blasphemy by sharing a shirtless pic of her on Easter but with two bunny rabbits perched on her nipples.


Save your unholy wishes for another day other than Easter, the rabbits are not running off.

Well, it was a throwback she shared again on your social media actually. But of course, it is always good to see Miley Cyrus abandoning her clothes as frantically as Nicolas Cage abandons his marriages.

In another picture, we now see a “married” Miley Cyrus wearing some clothes as she posed for the photographs in a character.

Miley Cyrus strips

At the other side, we have Emily Ratajkowski ramping up the Easter eroticism in a bunny Halloween costume that has nothing to do with Christ even on a day so special for Christians.

Tagging her picture ‘My eternal Easter vibe’

Miley Cyrus strips

With all these sexy ladies strutting their stuff all about, it appears Jesus would need to die again to save us!

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