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03 Greedo Proposes to GF Kei Bradley – On His Way to Prison!



03 Greedo Proposes to Kei Bradley Before Prion
Creedo proposes marriage before prison (Image courtesy of Pinterest)

03 Greedo is on his way to prison, but it’s Kei Bradley who’s getting locked up. And, she’s all for it.

At Bradley’s Monday night Hollywood show, Greedo came out of the audience to the stage and went down on one knee. Of course, he popped the question and his longtime girlfriend said “Yes” to thunderous applause.

Try topping that show stopper.

What makes the moment more poignant (and bittersweet) is the fact that Greedo is on his way to a 20-year prison sentence for a drug conviction and various other serious charges. And, it’s not the first time he’s been in this kind of trouble with the law.

In fact, the rapper’s career has been pockmarked with other violent and drug-related incidents that earn jail time for anyone involved in such activities.

The fact that 03 Greedo is a musical genius, with a knack for hooks and grooves, isn’t helping him avoid a long time behind bars.

But, the rapper vows to continue his music career from inside the joint. How he’ll get that done isn’t clear, but if anyone can do it, it would be him.

The conviction stems from a 2016 vehicle stop in Texas in which cops claimed to smell weed coming from the trunk. Forcing it open they discovered bales of bud and enough meth to kill a horse. Plus, two handguns were found.

These are all serious charges and they’re made all the more confusing since 03 Greedo was riding high after self-producing his own music online and being picked up for a million dollar contract.

Now, he’ll have to pay the price. But, it’s clear he wants Kei Bradley to wait for the day he gets out.

According to public court documents, that could be in as little as 5 years with good behavior.

Looks like 03 Greedo has already started…

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Playboy Model Brittny Ward Mercilessly Turns Us On With Nude Pregnancy Shoot 



Playboy Model Brittny Ward

What are the two most beautiful sights in the world? Nah…forget the Eiffel tower and the Sidney Opera House; let us tell you. The two most beautiful sights are sexy bikini-clad women and babies.

And when you readily have the two like Kanye West, Travis Scott and Jay Z – sure you should be on the top of the world and the moon!

Jenson Button would soon be initiated into this VIP club of successes. The formula one driver must be having a fast and furious fun life; driving his success further at breakneck speed economically and matrimonially.

Of course, engaged to the gorgeous Playboy Model Brittny Ward and surrounded by fast cars – his holiness Dai Lama should be envious.

Playboy Model Brittny Ward

It is excellently great news that Jenson Button and Brittny Ward are expecting a baby. If you may have expected pregnancy to have sucked Brittny Ward off her sexiness – you would be ridiculously wrong.

Brittny Ward is yet as sexy as hell rocking her baby bump oozing aphrodisiac aroma that would turn you on even in the most religious Buddhist temple!

Posing for a nude pregnancy shoot, Playboy Model Brittny Ward has yet got what got her where she is – charm!

Playboy Model Brittny Ward

The baby bump seems to sexually align with Britty’s gracious curves – we wonder how she drives Jenson Button in the bedroom. Well, let us say that is Jenson’s private formula one right?

Both couples got Instagram rambling back in January when they announced they were expecting a baby.

Playboy Model Brittny Ward

Jenson Button and his fiancée Brittny Ward announced their happy pregnancy news in January.

As she approaches her final trimester, Britty is enthused in the joys of beckoning motherhood as she tagged her nude snap on Instagram:

’23 weeks today! I can’t believe I’m carrying a little human in my tummy. The female body continues to amaze me.’

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John Wick 3 impeaches Avengers: Endgame at the Box Office grossing $57 million in its first weekend



John Wick 3

The craze for John Wick 3 is raging on hard. The world is drooling about Keanu Reeve’s adventures in this third franchise which deliciously kneads together John Wick’s customary violence and Halle Berry’s sexiness.

John Wick 3

In John Wick 3, we see Keanu Reeves running from pillar to post from a herd of assassins with a handsome $14 million bounty placed on his head following an ungratified killing in the New York City Continental which was reckoned as a an assassin safehaven. Therefore John Wick is declared “excommunicado” and is therefore on the run for safety all the way to Morrocco. It is super-exciting!

John Wick 3

Of course such clamor for the movie has transcended to box office where the movie recorded massive early success.

Impeaching Avengers: Endgame after its three-week kingship at the top, John Wick 3 majestically breaks the box office with a grossing $57 million on its first weekend.

The enviable success of John Wick 3 therefore pushes the Avengers Endgame into second place with the latter grossing $29.4 million in its fourth week.

John Wick 3


On the American scene, Avengers Endgame sits second to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu takes its honorable position at third place grossing $24.8 million while A Dog’s Journey closes in on fourth place with a quite disappointing $8 million.




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bella thorne

Bella Thorne strips to racy lingerie to parade her award-winning cleavage



Bella Thorne

Okay, let us tell you the bitter truth: Bella Thorne has been spoilt from the womb!

How else would you explain that at just 21 years, Bella Thorne has declared moral insolvency – bankrupt of decency? Modesty is as nonexistent in Bella’s private dictionary as Easter is nonexistent in Mecca.
But Gosh…perverts like us, we like her that way, don’t we?

With a wardrobes stacked with more lingeries than clothes, Bella wouldn’t mind wearing a lingerie to a 7-figure job interview.

Bella Thorne

Talking about lingeries, our lovely Bella dished us some delicious weekend erotic hamburger with a very racy lingerie of herself as she celebrates the success of her new single with Steve Aoki and Gigi Gorgeous.

Seductively munching her cake carefully, our thoughts are swarmed with the lewdness fantasies our carnal imaginations could muster.
Posing beside a bathroom double mirror, Bella Thorne sprinkled more spoonfuls of sexuality in the picture as she paraded her ample cleavage.


Bella Thorne
That cleavage, gosh…we would keep our live inside them!
The lingerie matches delectably with an enchanting G-string that that gave us a full view of derriere from the double mirror while lovely brunette hair sprawled out in natural waves.

Make up free, Bella is a natural princess with little need for any cosmetic camouflages.
Of course, Bellla has a sharp idea of having a fun life as she had been all around town booking movies.


Bella Thorne
In some racy Instagram Stories, she revealed:
”Miss doing this w @com3tmusic she just went b2b at edc last night,’ she captioned the videos.
Booked 3 movies in the last two weeks fwm.’

Bella had signed up for the the sci-fi horror thriller The Friendship Game; a movie scripted by the script by The OA writer Damien Ober and directed by Scooter Corkle (Hollow In The Land).
We just can’t wait!

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