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XXXTentacion Public Memorial Draws Big Crowd



XXXTentacion Public Memorial Gathers Huge Crowd
XXXTentacion image courtesy of Pinterest

Who knew XXXTentacion was so popular?

A public Memorial in Miami on Wednesday drew thousands of grieving fans, friends and family of the dead rapper who was murdered a week ago.

Some were even reported to have driven all night to get into the free admission, six hour ceremony attended by other rap stars and filled with images and music made of, and by, the deceased musician.

Perhaps even more chilling was the fact that XXXTentacion was being viewed in an open casket. Expect plenty of pics to pop up on Twitter in the next coming days.

It’s a bit confusing why there is this public outpouring of sympathy for a troubled young man who easily exploded into violence, allegedly at least once against his ex-girlfriend, who was pregnant with his baby.

In fact, he was facing a trial for the beating at the time of his death.

XXXTentacion was undeniably a musical genius and a hit-maker. But it doesn’t excuse his propensity for aggression and, apparently, it only bolstered his public personae. That’s Street Cred for you.

Lots of fans displayed the “X” crossed-arm salute gaining in popularity while XXXTentacion was alive. Now that gesture is solemnized as eulogy in his death and memorial.

But, hey, it’s Hollywood (Florida that is) and anything goes, right? In fact, XXXTentacion has sold more records in the week since his murder than he ever did while he was alive.

Police are still investigating the crime and have already arrested one suspect in the murder. Two others are still on the loose and considered armed and dangerous.

It’s tragic that a promising artist was cut down so young. But it should also serve as a lesson that violence can be met with violence. Even unto death.

Perhaps that’s the legacy that XXXTentacion should be remembered for.

Especially if it sells more records…

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Missy Elliott pays tribute to Aaliyah




On Saturday marked the 17th death anniversary of singer Aaliyah (Aaliyah Dana Haughton).

Rapper Missy Elliott paid tribute to the singer via social media.

The Work It rapper posted a video where a message is being written to Aaliyah on a notepad.

“Aaliyah, we miss you so much. But your legacy will live on forever and ever.”

Thereafter, Elliott gave a preview of Aaliyah memorabilia that is placed directly above the written message.

In addition to the video, Elliott tweeted:

“Aaliyah (Babygirl) I can only imagine how great you would be today winning oscars & creating sick music & still setting fashion trends! Your mom & brother @RAD_6 & your fans been holding it down 4 u <3 you will always be A One in A Million sleep peacefully angel Babygirl.”

Throughout Elliott’s Instagram @missymisdemeanorelliott, there a number of photographs in reference to Aaliyah.

In June, Elliott shared to her fans a release of Aaliyah inspired cosmetics line with MAC cosmetics.

#AaliyahForMAC this is so Beautiful big up to her fans who worked so diligently to get signatures to make this happen they never gave up even when people said it won’t happen they fought hard for Babygirl & with the guidance of Aaliyah’s brother @radmax6 who worked hard too! years later her impact still LIVES ON????”

At the age of 12, Aaliyah scored two record deals – Jive Records and Blackground Records. Her first debut album in 1994 Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number was recorded when she was 14 years old – which sold nearly 74,000 copies within the first week of release.

The singer performed at the 1998 Academy Awards at aged 19, making her the youngest woman ever to perform at the Oscars.

In 1999, Romeo Must Die was the first major movie Aaliyah starred in. She also took on the role of executive producer for the movie’s soundtrack – which includes hit single Try Again.

Aaliyah passed away in the Bahamas on August 25, 2001 at the age of 22. The singer was in the Bahamas shooting a music video for Rock the Boat.

The filming wrapped up a day earlier than expected. The singer and her team members boarded on a flight back to the U.S which crashed shortly after takeoff. Tragically, there were no survivors from the accident.

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Ariana Grande

What To Expect From Ariana Grande’s ”Sweetener”



Ariana Grande has released ''Sweetener" merchandise

The rumors are true- Ariana Grande is set to release ”Sweetener” on August 17th. After releasing the music video for ”God is a Woman,” in which she, in her own words, “fingered the earth,” her fans are anxiously waiting to see what ideas she’s going to touch upon next.

God is a Woman

The official release date is three days from now, and Grande does not let us forget how excited she is by posting about it approximately 10000 times a day on Twitter. Her fans, however, just want this album to drop so they can see for themselves what the hype is all about. This Tweet sums up the relationship between Ari and her fan base nicely:

This will be her fourth album, and presumably the second one in which she won’t be sleeping on the cover. So what can we expect? For one thing, she already released the tracklist, which includes the following songs: R.E.M., God is a Woman, Sweetener, Successful, Everytime, Breathin, Everytime, No Tears Left to Cry, and Borderline. Ever since the release of her last album, Dangerous Woman, she has been working on making her image more mature and sexual. Her haters often make fun of her young-looking appearance, saying that the 25-year-old looks 12. I personally don’t know any 12 year olds who wear BDSM-inspired latex outfits, but these days, who knows anymore?

Grande has been criticized a lot recently for her engagement to Pete Davidson, which happened shortly after her breakup with Mac Miller. Instagram ‘stans’ were thoroughly convinced that Grande cheated and were quick to spam Ari’s and her new flames accounts with their conspiracy theories. This chaos has apparently affected Pete the most, as he is used to hiding from the spotlight. But no hoodie was big enough to shield him from the controversy, and he swiftly deleted his account, as he “has been getting a lot of hate from fans. It’s been hurtful, and he’s actually pretty sensitive.” It would not be surprising if Pete were more excited about the album release than Ari at this point, just so he can fade out of the spotlight for a moment.

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Whitney Houston’s family “horrified” over sexual claims




Whitney Houston’s family are shocked by sexual allegations documented in the new Whitney film.

Director Kevin Macdonald interviewed close family and friends to the late singer, exposing both Whitney Houston and her half brother, Gary Garland, were allegedly molested by their cousin, Dee Dee Warwick, during their childhood.

Whitney Houston’s mother, Cissy Houston, released a joint statement with niece Dionne Warwick to People, highlighting that the family first heard of such claims two days prior to the film’s release back in May at the Cannes Film Festival.

The statement revealed: “We cannot overstate the shock and horror we feel and the difficulty we have believing that my niece Dee Dee Warwick… molested two of my three children”.

“… The idea that [Dee Dee] would have molested my children is overwhelming and for us unfathomable… Neither I, Dionne, nor my son Michael… has ever heard these allegations; we have never heard anything remotely connected to the crimes charged against Dee Dee in the film. How can that be fair to my daughter, to Dee Dee, or to our family?”

Despite having to live most of her life in the public eye, Cissy Houston defends her daughter stating the public has no right to “know every intimate detail of her life beyond what she herself revealed during her lifetime… if she was molested I do not believe she would have wanted it to be revealed for the first time to thousands, maybe millions of people in a film.”


Cissy Houston with daughter Whitney Houston

Whitney director Macdonald, 50, revealed to Vanity Fair in May that he “managed to persuade Mary Jones, who was Whitney’s longtime assistant and probably knew her in her last years more than anybody,” to open up about the molestation claims, as featured in the documentary.

“She talks about what Whitney felt and what effect it had on her. So we changed the whole cut at the very last minute. It was kind of a detective story to get that piece of information, which changed how I felt about Whitney and how I felt about the story”.

People magazine reported revealing the information was a difficult decision for Mary Jones, “she confided in me and I struggled tremendously deciding whether to share this secret or keep to myself”.

Jones goes on further to say, “I deeply love and respect Dionne, Cissy and their entire families, and my intention was never to embarrass anyone in the family, but rather to bring to light that Whitney was subjected to something painful and troubling as a child. And it’s something that happens to other innocent kids and goes unspoken too much… I decided to share the story so that people might understand that throughout her entire life Whitney carried this with her, and the weight of it was immense. Whitney was a wonderful woman, an angel, and she did not drag herself down all alone — there was a cause.”

Before the film debut, director Macdonald revealed on Good Morning America that Gary Houston “was molested when he was a kid by a woman in the family and he thought also Whitney had been as well.”

In Whitney, Gary Houston, 60, alleges Dee Dee Warwick molested him when he was 7 to 9 years old. He had no prior knowledge of Whitney’s alleged abuse leading up to the film’s release.

Gary further revealed in an interview on Good Morning America, “I was 8 [or] 9 years old and I was being fondled with from time to time. It was a situation I didn’t understand. I knew it was abnormal.”

Cissy Houston and Dionne Warwick concluded their joint statement: “After people have seen the film they will draw their own conclusions and we are not trying to change that. We just want people to know there is another side. While the filmmakers certainly had the legal right to make this film, I wonder at the moral right.”

No charges were ever filed against Dee Dee Warwick.

Dee Dee Warwick passed away in 2008. The Grammy-nominated soul singer sang backup vocals for stars including Aretha Franklin. Dee Dee Warwick is the sister of Dionne Warwick, and both are nieces of Cissy Houston, Whitney’s mother.

Whitney Houston, who was 18 years younger than Dee Dee Warwick, died in February 2012 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel from drowning and the effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use.

Whitney is now out in theatres.

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