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Ex-Employee Exposes Pixar Scandal



Ex-Employee Spills About Pixar
Pixar Logo Courtesy of Pinterest

Pixar movies have a knack for bringing people together and sharing a wholesome experience.

The same can’t be said back at the main office.

The once humble rookie animation house has become a behemoth in the movie industry and it seems some of the boys in the club have been using their power to demean women colleagues, causing a toxic culture with no room for protest.

This is not your typical Pixar movie.

In a stunning move by a former employee, who published her eyewitness account, company executives right up to the very top of the ladder have allegedly acted inappropriately and in a way which demonstrated they believed it was acceptable behavior.

The main target is the former chief creative officer who is claimed to have acted like a frat boy on steroids.

Descriptions of this wild atmosphere at the very top are disturbing, to say the least. It’s hard to believe that in society as it has become, there are those who still think we’re in the 50s and every curvy rump is there to be glad-handed.

Tales of groping, lewd comments, gender humiliation and outright sexual harassment pervaded the headquarters and women were censored and hounded if they dared to act differently than the housewife on that old sitcom everybody loved.

The man in question has stepped down, but the article indicates there’s still a lingering culture of creepiness lurking behind the scenes.

Will it make it into a future movie plot? Where do they get these great film ideas from? What is Pixar using as source material?

Maybe they’ve been binge-watching Mad Men…

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Celebrity News

Megan Barton paints the town red with her mouthwatering cleavage



Megan barton

Something about plastic surgery, the curves it dumps on ladies these days. Hour glass figures are proliferating about our societies as plastic surgeons embellish eager ladies with sumptuous slices of sexuality. Not that we are complaining, but it is becoming harder to tell who truly got it from her momma or from the surgeon.

Well, Megan Barton has been very open about the joys plastic surgery has heaped in her life.

We wouldn’t really disagree with her when we see the lovely mounds now surgically deposited on her chest.  It is a cleavage worth resigning for at 32!


Mega Barton joined a pack of stars at the Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile premiere, in London.

For sure, the “evil” movie theme deserved such a sexually evil appearance from Megan Barton with her bust more of a freedom fighter agitating to secede from her tight fitting corset into the free open world.

Megan Barton

Parading her curves all about the ceremony, Megan Barton did well enough to hold a swarm of eyeballs captives. She intermittently adjusted her top to keep her troublesome cleavage under guard.

The movie Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile sequels the gut-wrenching and blood-chilling details of a notorious serial killers who went as far as killing 30 women.

It was an event fed obesely with stars. Zac Effron was sure to salt the show up with his savory handsomeness.

Megan Barton would even go on to clash on the red carpet with Vanessa Bauer, her former love rival Vanessa Bauer on the red carpet.

Megan Barton

Well, with that cleavage snuck in that dress, a million thoughts races through our minds – but only of these thoughts holy!


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 Halle Berry, Please Can You Step Out Of The Bubble Bath And Wave To The Glory Of The Lord?



halle berry

Halle Berry is Hollywood and Hollywood is Halle Berry.

The 52-year dazzling beauty has adorned our TV screens for decades with her superb play acting skills further garnished with her stunning looks.

Of course we wouldn’t be too holy to forget those hot Hollywood scenes we couldn’t wait for everyone to leave home before we watch.

Yes we are talking about MonsterBall. The steamy movie we always recounted in the confessional before an equally aroused priest.

At 52, age is yet to exorcise Berry’s sexiness. Combining a well cultivated routine of fitness training, an astounding diet and a nice bath, Berry is still that hot damsel that will give the most dedicated Buddhist monk wet dreams.

Talking about baths, Berry knows how relieving a bubble bath is hence she effortfully squeezes out time from busy schedule to have one.

halle berry

Sharing a nude bath snap with a well collected pack of bubbles covering her modesty, Berry reminds us that she is winning the war against nature and staying ageless.

A naked Berry isn’t the best sight for Easter admittedly, but can we resist peeking at it?

The legendary aggressive would go on to caption the image: ‘It’s been a really long day, but still making time for #SelfCareSunday with my bubble bath.’


halle berry

Bare of makeup in the snap, Halle is one natural beauty who has kept her dazzling naturalness amidst the storm of cosmetic implantation ravaging Hollywood.

Halle, please can you step out of the bubble bath and wave to the glory of the lord?

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Vs Angel Josephine Skriver’s daring cleavage at the Coachella could give a dead man a hard-on!



Vs Angel Josephine Skriver

Victoria Secret Angels are universally famous for one thing: THEY HAVE GOT IT.

Looking for confirmation? Here is one for you.

Josephine Skriver sent eyeballs scurrying with her flaunting cleavage at the Coachella music festival on Sunday.

If you got it, flaunt it right?

The Coachella has been more of a festival of sexuality than of music though. The music of glaring screaming bodies in a way have been more melodious than the actual sounds the festival was meant for.

Rocking a low black bra top with a daring cleavage screaming “Halleluyah”, Skriver criminally stole the show, murdering whatever bit of righteousness was reserved for Easter.

The Danish angel made sure her the sexual aroma oozing from her daring cleavage was made more arousing with a high cut red skirt; completed with a black leather belt garnished further with silver. Her allure must have suffocated the whole festival, right?

Vs Angel Josephine Skriver

Those long legs striding gracefully along with an audacious cleavage. What more can you ask for?

At 26, Skriver is getting to the peak of her angelic powers erotically. Her body is cutting in the right places to form a dazzling curvature that could even a dead man a hard on!

The Coachella music festival has been making the headlines perpetually for a delicious mixture of wrong and right reasons.

Our lovely celebrities have made sure the music is as tasty as for our ears as their hot bods for our eyes. The likes of Lana, Kim Kardashian have ensured that the show is never malnourished of sexiness.









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