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Kendrick Lamar: Pulitzer Prizefighter



Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Kendrick Lamar is taking his Pulitzer Prize for Music seriously.

You could call him a Pulitzer Prizefighter.

What’s the cause? Rap music being recognized by Old School institutions which had historically paid scant attention since the day Rappers Delight was unleashed on the world.

“It took a long time for people to embrace us,” Lamar said in a recent interview. “People outside of our community, our culture, to see this not just as vocal lyrics, but to see that this is really pain. This is really hurt. This is really true stories of our lives on wax. And now, for it to get the recognition that it deserves as a true art form, that’s not only great for myself, but it makes me feel good about hip-hop in general. Writers like Tupac, Jay-Z, Rakim, Eminem, Q-Tip, Big Daddy Kane, Snoop. It lets me know that people are actually listening further than I expected.”

It’s taken even longer than Kendrick Lamar lets on.

He’s the first commercial artist in history to win the music prize, since it usually goes to mostly classical musicians or an occasional jazz artist like Wynton Marsalis. Special prizes have been awarded in the past to musicians like Bob Dylan, Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane and Hank Williams.

But not one of them ever took the championship prize.

Lamar scored the knockout punch with his album D.A.M.N. that the Pulitzer Board called a “virtuosic song collection which captures the modern African American life.”

And, the world is still buzzing about his 2016 Grammy appearance in which he performed in chains, serving out a prison sentence on stage while tethered to the jangling links. The man has clearly earned some kind of prize.

So, what is the championship ring worth to a man who has made millions in music?


Chump change?

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Makeup free Bella Thorne gets the dumb screaming OH MY GOD with racy bikini pic



bella thorne

If you are looking for celebrities who delectably bake naturalness and wildness together, Bella Thorne easily comes to mind.

Drenched with grace, style and raunchiness, Bella Thorne is one bad girl that makes good girls feel bad.

The sexual allure about Bella Thorne is unique. When she chooses to go without bra, she makes a grandpa shed tears reminiscing the lost glorious “astronaut” days of his prime when he took ladies to the moon via his bedroom space station!

And when she steps into those devilish bikinis, she gets the dumb screaming OH MY GOD!!

Well, in some quarters, it was well welcomed news that Bella Thorne has returned to the spinster market following her split from her long term lover Mod Sun.

bella thorne

Since beginning of the month, it appears Bella has been enjoying her spinster time as she drinks in every drop of freedom that singleness offers her.

She does well to remind us and her ex of her famous shape in a revealing swimsuit when she posed makeup free in a pool.

Posting the picture on Instagram  with the caption ‘Not that chick that wears makeup in the pool’

Simply beautiful and natural, there is no stain of artificialness on Bella as she sports her slinky black bikini.

Of course, Bella is not aiming for a mansion in heaven hence modesty isn’t her best virtue.

She gives us a mouthful of her side boob and in the strappy bikini bottoms well enhanced with some pretty layers of diamond.

bella thorne

Well for her ex Mod Sun, we understand the pain you would feel when you see this pic – an apple gone right?






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Farrah Abraham’s Eggshell Bikini Is The True Definition Of An Eggscellent Easter  



Eggscellent Easter

Okay let us just be honest. If Farrah Abraham doesn’t make it to heaven, it is not necessarily because her demonically sexy curves were going to infest heaven and the saints with lust, it is more because there may be no beach in heaven!

Talk about beaches and talk about Farrah. We are all aware of her signature bikini beach photoshoots where her curves would be screaming for independence from the tiny piece of clothing.

Well, perhaps you could have been expecting Farrah to be watching Mel Gibson’s famous Passion Of Christ sobbing inconsolably on her bible for the pains Jesus went through on Easter, Farrah chose rather to rock her raunchy bikinis with that mouthwatering curvature on full glare for all to drool about.

Actually, we like her choice, right?

Bizarreness is where Farrah has her PhD, she is notorious for encroaching into territories of the abnormal rebelliously forsaking conventions.

That is our sweet Farrah for sure: rugged yet smooth!

Eggscellent Easter

This time Farrah takes the bizarreness miles further with a two piece bikini donned with egg shells in Los Angeles on a photoshoot.

There is your real definition of Eggscellent for Easter.

Farrah’s sunny side even makes the sun jealous as it is radiantly blinding especially sexually.

She would further go on her Instagram to spruce her picture with a Farrah-esque caption: ‘feeling extra fertile.’

Eggscellent Easter

With Farrah sinking into the sands mindlessly in the pictures, we will be right to envy the sand –however inanimate — for enjoying such lavish touch of all that luscious skin.

The 16 And Pregnant star also posed with her 10-year-old daughter Sophia.

Well, we hope the link between both of them is just maternal and not behavioral as well as we want a decent and innocent Sophia.


Farrah recently put finishing touches to the latest series of her MTV show, Ex on the Beach. There she confronted her ex-boyfriend Simon.




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 Halle Berry, Please Can You Step Out Of The Bubble Bath And Wave To The Glory Of The Lord?



halle berry

Halle Berry is Hollywood and Hollywood is Halle Berry.

The 52-year dazzling beauty has adorned our TV screens for decades with her superb play acting skills further garnished with her stunning looks.

Of course we wouldn’t be too holy to forget those hot Hollywood scenes we couldn’t wait for everyone to leave home before we watch.

Yes we are talking about MonsterBall. The steamy movie we always recounted in the confessional before an equally aroused priest.

At 52, age is yet to exorcise Berry’s sexiness. Combining a well cultivated routine of fitness training, an astounding diet and a nice bath, Berry is still that hot damsel that will give the most dedicated Buddhist monk wet dreams.

Talking about baths, Berry knows how relieving a bubble bath is hence she effortfully squeezes out time from busy schedule to have one.

halle berry

Sharing a nude bath snap with a well collected pack of bubbles covering her modesty, Berry reminds us that she is winning the war against nature and staying ageless.

A naked Berry isn’t the best sight for Easter admittedly, but can we resist peeking at it?

The legendary aggressive would go on to caption the image: ‘It’s been a really long day, but still making time for #SelfCareSunday with my bubble bath.’


halle berry

Bare of makeup in the snap, Halle is one natural beauty who has kept her dazzling naturalness amidst the storm of cosmetic implantation ravaging Hollywood.

Halle, please can you step out of the bubble bath and wave to the glory of the lord?

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