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Paris Hilton Can’t Plan Her Wedding On Time



It looks like Paris Hilton and her fiance Chris Zylka won’t be tying the knot this fall after all. Earlier this week, word got out that the heiress and the model are postponing their wedding plans due to scheduling conflicts. Apparently, Hilton’s goal was to get married on 11/11, because clearly, her life just has not been lucky enough yet. However, this grand union of conventional attractiveness will have to wait until sometime next year. As far as post-wedding plans are concerned, Paris cut to the chase, saying “I can’t wait to have a baby. I’m gonna be the best mom.”

source: People Magazine

Pictured above is an overjoyed Hilton, smiling as much as her face will allow her. This modestly-sized diamond beauty on her finger reportedly has 20 carats and cost Zylka $2M. As somebody who takes great care of her valuable items, the star has worn her ring all over the place, including while skiing and while partying in the club. Unfortunately, even the most careful and responsible people can lose their rings, which is what happened in a Miami night club back in March. Luckily for the professional partier, she found it soon after and avoided a huge scene.


With all this mayhem, the world undoubtedly has high expectations for the couple’s big day. At 37, Hilton’s finally going to realize every woman’s goal in life: get married to a handsome rich guy. As for the haters, the socialite shook them with a series of powerful roasts from her Twitter page. She delivered this super original burn on August 13th. Ouch!

Hilton stays on top of the originality game by conforming to literally every conventional beauty standard and acting less intelligent than she supposedly is. With such an attitude, how can you not have flocks of haters and imitators trying to get under your skin? Unfortunately for them, the master of words shut them up for once and for all with this tweet here.



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