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Travis Scott’s Free Money Giveaway



Imagine being so rich that you don’t even know what to do with your money. If you’re anything like Travis Scott, you’ll just give it away to random fans. August has been a super lucky month for the rapper and new father. His new album, Astroworld, topped the charts this week, giving Drake and Nicki Minaj a run for their money. At this point, Scott could be on his way to being almost as successful as his “self made” girlfriend and baby mama, Kylie Jenner.

Earlier this week, he decided to give back to his loyal fans. What better way to show your gratitude than to tweet about it in all caps, as seen here? “SO I KNOW ITS HARD FOR THE KIDS SO I DECIDED TO UNLOAD MY BANK ACCOUNT ON U GUYS, IM BUSTING DOWN $100,000 AND GIVING AWAY TO ANY FANS THAT CAN TWEET ME THERE CASH TAG WITH LYRICS FROM ASTRO. GANG !!” If his fans think they are lucky, Cashapp must be ecstatic.

Despite his grammatical errors, he made his point loud and clear. And from the looks of it, he totally came through. Earlier today, People reported that Scott had donated $800 to help a fan pay for his mom’s funeral. Other lucky fans have also received payments ranging from a few hundred dollars to a thousand using the hashtag #astroworld. That’s like a textbook and a half at most colleges.

When you get to that point in life where $100K is simply a drop in the bucket, you know you’ve made it. In fact, giving away this tiny amount of money is the best marketing strategy out there. It definitely sucks to be Drake or Venmo right now. Scott is also making bank with his overpriced Astroworld merch. If you feel like paying $250 for a sweatshirt, go to his site ASAP because there are only about two things left that haven’t sold out yet.



Kylie And Travis Are Starting To Plan Their Wedding; Kris Smells Money



After a whirlwind romance and a baby together, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are more than ready to tie the knot. Just to clarify, the couple is not yet engaged as far as the public knows (sure guys). But that hasn’t stopped them and others from thinking towards the future. This may seem a little out of order, but then again, they were expecting a baby in the early dating stage, so it’s not surprising.

According to a variety of questionable sources, the pair secretly got engaged on Kylie’s 21st birthday. Talk about growing up fast! So what do we know so far?

Apparently, a source told In Touch that “it will be bigger and better than her sisters’ weddings.” Because in Kardashian Land, being in love is a competition. The more money you spend on your wedding, the more you love each other. That sure worked out great for Kim’s first marriage!

The source went on to say that “she wants to tie the knot on a tropical island. Turks and Caicos is at the top of the list. They’ll fly all their family and friends in by private jet, and the wedding will last for an entire weekend.” Wow! Is there a single person in the universe who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? The answer is obviously no. Plus, if the wedding airs, all of the Kardashians will be making bank just by attending it and looking good. Hard work, 2018 style.

So what’s the problem? Well, the Kardashians have a habit of turning their lives, AKA everyone’s goals, into something to complain about. According to the same source mentioned above, Kris wants to turn the wedding into a TV special. However, Travis wants it to be more low-key and private. And like most Kardashian boyfriends, Scott is more than likely to give in to the demands.

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Nicki Minaj Bashes Travis Scott and Kylie On “Queen Radio”



When will Nicki Minaj learn that no one takes her seriously anymore? After freaking out over not having the #1 album in the country, she started playing the angry blame game. A few days ago, the scorned singer blamed Kylie Jenner and baby Stormi for her own lack of success on Twitter. This comment received a sh*tstorm of backlash from basically everyone, including her fans. Now, the “queen” is using different methods to complain about her loss.

On her show Queen Radio, Minaj made sure everyone knew how butthurt she was, as if her Twitter rants weren’t enough already. Again, she attacked Travis Scott and Kylie for being more successful than she is. She gave Scott “hoe n**** of the week award” and didn’t bother to check herself for even a second.

While Minaj’s biggest problem with Scott is that he sells better than she does, fans have called Nicki out for her toxic behavior. Fandom Twitter will call you problematic if you looked at someone the wrong way five years ago. But some people really deserve that title.

Nicki’s decision to work with Tekashi 6ix9ine on her song “Fefe” raised many eyebrows. Aside from the My Little Pony lookalike’s lack of talent, he is also an accused sex offender who recorded a pornographic video with a 13-year-old girl at the age of 18. Many people believe that by working with him, she is basically sympathizing with a pedophile. Nicki was pissed when he wasn’t invited to the VMA’s and immediately made it out to be an attack on her. According to XXL, the rapper claims that “journalists were writing about her support for an abuser only because they have nothing to criticize about her new album Queen.” Seems legit, Nicki.

Nicki can spend the rest of her life talking about her haters but at the end of the day, that’s not going to get her to #1. Twitter user @DwanCoCo_ said what we’re all thinking at this point:

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