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Madonna’s “Tribute” To Aretha Franklin Is Pure Cringe



Ex-pop sensation Madonna has been out of the game for a while. But that doesn’t stop her from thinking she’s still relevant. What was her strategy for putting herself back in the spotlight? None other than a story about her personal success decades ago disguised as a tribute to the late Aretha Franklin.

How bad was it? Madonna had a six-minute time frame to work with, and filled most of it with personal anecdotes about herself. Aretha was briefly mentioned when she revealed that she used her hit “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman” at a successful audition. She continued to talk about herself before thanking Aretha at the end of her speech. This would have been a great story if it weren’t for the timing. Madonna has long since faded from the mainstream, so it’s a little weird that she’s still talking about her success in 2018. Also, there is the minor fact that Aretha Franklin, an artist who was loved by many in the audience, literally just died.

Surprisingly, many people found this speech disrespectful and attention-seeking. Twitter, being Twitter, exploded with memes, jokes, and angry tweets. To be fair, Madonna’s intentions probably weren’t that bad. Sometimes thinking things through is a little too hard, especially when you have to consider how other people will react. The tweet below sums up what everybody else saw.

Not all tweets were this innocent. Many people accused her of being intentionally racist, but then again, reaching is Twitter’s favorite pastime. What she did was definitely rude and cringeworthy, but it has more to do with her being out of touch with the audience than prejudice against a whole group of people.

How did the former queen of pop respond to the criticism? Exactly as one would expect, blaming the viewers for not liking the speech, “unfortunately most people have short attention spans, and are so quick to judge.”

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