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Post Malone Is Safe!!



Post Malone has the most legitimate excuse not to be a morning person ever again. Yesterday morning, Malone boarded a flight from New Jersey to London. Shortly after, two of the plane’s tires blew out, and it was stranded in the air. For the worst few hours ever, the passengers waited to make a safe landing. The news broke while the plane was still in the air, inciting panic amongst his fans.

We have to give Malone credit for how he handled things. He may not look too tough, but the guy has some balls. Most of us would be having a breakdown in the air and then refuse to fly again. Although Malone told TMZ “I f*cking hate flying,” he got on a second plane later that day. The artist texted his friends and family that he loved them and gave the other passengers free concert passes. They all deserve to chill with beerbongs and Bentleys after this.

Malone also received a number of death wishes and rude jokes while stuck in limbo. Because that is the normal, rational thing to do when you don’t like an artist’s music. Most of these tweets have since been removed, leading to some complaints of “censorship.” Shame on Twitter for banning posts that wish death on others or threaten them, right?

Luckily his fans immediately shut down this insanity and buried those tweets under a mountain of love and support.

How did the rockstar respond? After landing, he just wanted to relax, saying “we’re here on Earth and I need a beer and I need some wine at the same time mixed together.” That sounds pretty gross, but to each their own, Malony. As for the death threats? He didn’t go off and cause a scene like most celebrities these days when they feel dissed. Instead, he just posted this classy message on his Twitter:

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Kanye Wasn’t Joking About Running For President



Kanye West’s ego knows no limits, and now he’s about to take it to the next level. The 41-year-old rapper has toyed with the idea of a presidential campaign for years. Most of us assumed it was just some sort of joke. But now, West is talking seriously about running for president in 2024.

The “how” is obvious; the man is ridiculously rich and has an enormous following. And since all Americans already know his name, he will never have to sell ideas in order to put himself out there. Besides, who wants to learn about boring politics when you can just vote for the guy whose TV show or music you like? The question right now is why. In an interview last Thursday, West shared his highly educated views with the country.

He spoke about his passion for medicine, saying “one of my main things once I’m president is the medical industry. I’m going to make sure that the medical industry flourishes.” It sounds like West was trying to say something about healthcare reform here but he has yet to clarify what he meant. Oh well, close enough. Who has time to listen to detailed issues these days anyway?

So what exactly is this guy’s platform? Apparently, he plans to run as a centrist and has expressed admiration for both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. West expressed his #deep feelings about the political divide in the United States: “even red or blue — it’s still red or blue. It’s divisions. We don’t need to think in divisions. We need to think in arms because we’re actually one race, one people, one civilization.” Thanks for the Instagram caption, Kanye.

So now what? There are still six more years until the 2024 election. Will the artist spend that time becoming an expert on the constitution, history, and foreign policy? Anyway, if by some crazy chance the guy ends up getting far, that says much more about his supporters than it does about him.

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Ariana Grande

Bishop Gropes Ariana Grande, Plays It Off As Being Friendly



Aretha Franklin’s funeral brought in celebrities from all corners of the country. What better way to celebrate an influential musician’s life than to have a musical tribute? One of the most memorable performers was Ariana Grande. Unfortunately, she is not making the news for her powerful voice, but for what a bishop did while he was next to her.

According to Washington Post, bishop Charles Ellis got too handsy while congratulating Ari on her performance. Was it just a normal mistake or did he truly take advantage of her? The video below captures the awkward moment:

Poor Ari. She couldn’t have looked more uncomfortable if she tried. The appropriate reaction for accidentally touching someone in the wrong place is to move your hand away from said place immediately. This guy, however, continued to dig his fingers into her skin. Gross.

Shockingly, people noticed that this embrace was not normal, and the hashtag #respectAriana started trending on Twitter. What did Ellis do in response? In an interview with The Guardian, he told reporters, “it would never be my intention to touch any woman’s breast…I guess I put my arm around her. Maybe I crossed the border, maybe I was too friendly or familiar but again, I apologize.” Dude, your hand landed on a woman’s breast and you proceeded to fondle her and leave it there for a long period of time. This may come as a surprise, but most people would not view that type of action as a “hug.”

The main counterargument against Ellis’ actions was that the singer was wearing a short dress. Maybe it was somewhat casual but it was nothing out of the ordinary. However, it makes no sense that the bishop would notice Grande’s legs and then decide that his next move would be to touch her boob while locking her in a tight embrace.

Bishop Ellis just showed everyone what not to do to a woman…ever. In case anyone was unaware, it IS possible to hug someone without touching them like that.

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Did Cardi B Casually Drop A Picture Of Kulture?



Cardi B may thrive in the spotlight, but the new mom doesn’t want photographers all over her baby just yet. She has made it very clear that she is not about to let everyone see Kulture. The star trolled curious fans at the 2018 VMAs by wrapping a trophy in a blanket, making everyone think it was her daughter. A little while later, she posted a family picture with herself, Offset, and their baby’s eyebrow.

So far, this is the only social media exposure that Kulture has. Or is it? According to Hollywood Life, Cardi posted a picture of a baby’s lips, presumably Kulture’s, on her Instagram page on August 29th. However, the rapper seems to have had a change of heart and deleted it shortly after.

Cardi probably wasn’t thinking about the power of screenshots and overzealous fans when she deleted the pic, though. After all, this is the most that anyone has seen of the superstars’ baby yet. That type of thing doesn’t go ignored on the internet! Twitter user @CardiData posted this adorable snapshot:

Okay, so Cardi didn’t explicitly state that the lips belonged to Kulture. But whose else’s would they be? After all, nobody would just post a random picture of another baby’s mouth.

So how is the rapper balancing motherhood and her career? Just like anyone else would. Cardi recently sent a message to show organizers that her presence is expensive. According to a source, she wants to get back to performing ASAP, but there’s a catch. Any place that hosts her has to pay her at least $300K. Damn! Imagine having that kind of influence. The star added that the performance would have to be close to home so she could take care of her baby.

Cardi does Cardi, and it’s impossible to predict what she’ll do next. But if one thing’s for certain, she knows how to get what she wants.

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