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You Never Thought You’d Hear Nicki Minaj And K-Pop In The Same Sentence



Nicki Minaj may have been disappointed by the results of her most recent album, Queen, but now she has something to celebrate. It turns out that the unlikely pairing of American rap music and Korean pop music actually works. The rapper collaborated with BTS, AKA the trendiest group in South Korea right now on a remix of their song “Idol.” The remix reached #2 in the country on iTunes this week. Nicki has a bad habit of freaking out when she doesn’t get first place, but second place is still pretty sweet. If you haven’t heard the catchy jam yet, check it out:

As for BTS? The Korean pop sensation has achieved international recognition, and they have the numbers to prove it. The music video for the original version of the song pulled 56 million views on the first day, beating a record previously held by Taylor Swift. Does “Idol” deserve first place over Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do?” It goes without saying that the rainbow-haired boy band appeals to a wider global audience. Taylor Swift’s “me me me” attitude is apparent in all of her songs. But that doesn’t really fly with other cultures which are less egocentric. The BTS boys are also known for their choreography skills and Swift…well, not so much. If you can incorporate sharks and unicorns into your video, you’re already winning in my humble opinion.

The trippy video can be seen below:

How did Nicki react to the boys’ success? She showed the world that it’s cool to be a K-pop fan with this congratulatory tweet:

Having Korean pop stars in mainstream American culture opens up a question about beauty standards. It’s really interesting that these guys can wear flashy, bright colored clothes and obvious makeup without anyone questioning their sexuality. Is this just a trend? Or can we expect to hear BTS music in the club this year?



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