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Bella Thorne Plays Cyberbulling GF In New Movie



The rumors are true. Actress Bella Thorne has taken on a challenging new role in which she plays the girlfriend of a boy who committed suicide. The movie is based on a true story of a girl who allegedly bullied her boyfriend into killing himself. Is this the next Thirteen Reasons Why? Or is it a step in the right direction for mental health awareness?

Four years ago, Conrad Roy III, an 18-year-old student who struggled with depression committed suicide after being harassed by his girlfriend, Michelle Carter. Was this just the result of some teen drama? Hell no. Michelle knew that Conrad was depressed and bombarded him with messages encouraging him to kill himself. WTF? Now, with the memory still fresh in people’s minds, Lifetime is profiting off of the tragedy with its new movie, “Conrad and Michelle: If Words Could Kill.” Shockingly, this seems like a bad idea to many people.

So lets get this straight. Lifetime casts a pretty actress to play a horrible person, romanticizing her right off the bat. Instead of making a documentary, they make an edgy teen drama which calls more attention to the criminal than to the boy whose life was lost. If by now the media hasn’t gotten the memo that glorifying killers inspires copycat crimes, they never will. But anything for the views, right?

What’s the real-life Michelle Carter doing right now? She is currently appealing her manslaughter conviction, claiming that the prosecutors cherry-picked the bad messages to win the case. Yeah, she may have told her boyfriend to kill himself multiple times, but what about the “I love you’s” or heart emojis? That makes her a good person who accidentally said some mean things a few times, oops!

The jury might eat that up because she’s a pretty white girl who even looks like Bella Thorne. 18-year-old Michelle who sent those messages by her own will was just a little girl with some issues.

Great job respecting Conrad’s life, Lifetime.

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bella thorne

Bella Thorne Reportedly Scares Off Burglars



What exactly is Bella Thorne doing these days? It looks like she’s been dabbling in everything, from acting to music to makeup and has been mildly successful with all of those. Apparently, the former Disney star can now add fighting crime to her resume too.

According to Teen Vogue, Thorne was home alone when a burglar tried to break into her house by smashing a window. She reacted by going outside to investigate before going back in to call the cops. It was a risky move, but no real damage was done.

Did they end up catching the guy? For now, no. The teen star reportedly scared him off when she went outside to investigate. A source from Hollywood Life told reporters that “that was enough to scare the would-be burglar away who hightailed it from the house and fled into the darkness.” The burglar must have been a real amateur to have been scared away by Bella Thorne. Then again, some of her fashion choices are pretty creepy. For all we know, she could have been dressed like this.

What made Bella look like an easy target in the first place? The burglar must have kept a close watch over all Thorne-related news that week. But nevertheless, he was a little late to the party. The singer went to New York last weekend to perform at the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival. Maybe he expected her to stay in the Big Apple a little while longer because hey, who wouldn’t?

Luckily, the eccentric beauty is safe and is currently polishing up her acting career. According to Deadline, she is busy filming a movie called Conrad and Michelle: If Words Could Kill. The movie is based on a true story about a teenage couple in which the girl tries to convince her depressed boyfriend to kill himself and ends up succeeding.

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bella thorne

Bella Thorne Drops Copycat Makeup Line



Thorne is known for her eccentric makeup and style

Is a young female celebrity really successful if she doesn’t have her own makeup line? From Kylie Jenner to Rihanna, smart women know that capitalizing off of other women’s insecurities is the best way to boost their stardom. That being said, it’s much better to bring something somewhat original to the table.

Bella Thorne is the latest young celeb to announce a new makeup collection, pandering to the edgier teens with its unique name Filthy Fangs. Her eyeshadow palettes cost between $50-$60 and come in a range of bright, sparkly colors. Thorne posted several pictures promoting her makeup on her Instagram page, @bellathorne.

However, it seemed that Thorne neglected to realize that in this day and age, it is much harder to plagiarize. And the internet caught on in no time. Thorne has been accused of copying another makeup brand called Juvia’s Place, which is owned by Chichi Eburu, a popular African makeup artist. And the internet could not be saltier about it. Under the picture shared above, Instagram user @dilipglawcequeen commented “Your other palette packaging and color scheme are stolen from an independent black owned company that has worked and grinded to have some of the best pigmentation and blendability at low prices and you got the caucasity to steal color concept and packaging? [heavy profanity].”

How similar are the two products? After all, there are only so many possible combinations of colors and package designs so it only makes sense that there is some overlap among brands. Twitter user @whatsLDPupto posted a side-by-side comparison of Eburu and Thorne’s collections and strongly believes so. Juvia’s Place is pictured on the left side and Filthy Fangs is pictured on the right.

A representative from Juvia’s Place responded calmly to the controversy, saying that “We are not affiliated with [Filthy Fangs]. Yes we are aware of the painful and awkward similarities. It’s obvious they have done little to no research or they have bluntly stolen our concept which is unacceptable. We believe in originality and the brand you have mentioned lacks that. We have chosen to be light hearted about the situation, after all makeup is supposed to be fun!!”

Only the future will tell if Thorne and her company will take this advice to heart and brainstorm a little better next time.

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