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Jason Momoa

Born with a wooden spoon: Do you know your daringly sexy Jason Momoa was once homeless living in a van in Ireland?



Jason Momoa

Most success stories didn’t have the aristocratic privilege of starting in royal luxuries of the Buckingham Palace. It is true a huger chunk of our celebrities today didn’t start out with a silver spoon. Some had to effortfully trek from the slums to the limelight, so had to painfully swim from lack to flamboyance.

One of such little beginners is the aggressively sexy Jason Momoa. For most of us, the name Jason Momoa is strongly irreparably linked to a doggie addict Khal Drogo who gave Daenerys a real Islamic pounding in Game of Thrones.

Jason Momoa

Well, the daring Aquaman actor was once homeless in Ireland being too “broke to fly home”. That is miles from the rich Momoa we have today who has amassed a hefty $14 net worth.

Momoa reflected on his unsavory beginning before he hit gold with game of thrones. Sharing a snap of his humble beginning on Instagram, Momoa wrote:

‘So homesick. Looking through my phone I found this. Off the road some quiet parking lot in donegal,’ the famous Aquaman actor wrote in a caption, referring to the origin of the snap. ‘It was an amazing simple moment with my best friend.

Jason Momoa

‘While filming GOT we had a lil break. We were to broke to fly home so we rented a panel van aka UHAUL in Belfast and drove around beautiful amazing IRELAND searching for the greatest pint of Guinness.’

‘So many wonderful people and stories,’ he explained. ‘I treasure those times. It was the simplest moments I remember the most. I still miss my family. Been a long road and I feel like I’m just getting started. On the roam Needs to go home. Ps ill ask Brian for more pics he’s got the gold. Aloha j.’

At an intimidating 6ft4 with that entire ferocious muscular armory stacked on his body, you would barely believe things were that rough for Momoa.


Jason MomoaNow, he can look back to all that with a smile in the costliest of Jacuzzis now being a Hollywood hot cake with a recent $1.1 billion success of super hit Aquaman at the box office last winter. It has been a really long road for the Honolulu Momoa remembering far back in 1999-2001 he once played a clean cut lifeguard Jason Ioane on Baywatch Hawaii.

How big small things get!



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