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Full Cleavage Rihanna is undoubtedly that Dream Girl you can catch a Nuclear Bomb for as She Models for Fenty!




Can anyone do it as bad as the ultimate bad girl Rihanna? Rihana is one of the most delicious sexual candies the American showbiz industry can boast of.  Admittedly, since her blossoming relationship with her Arabian billionaire, she hasn’t been really dishing us her “goods” palatably almost making Cardi B impeach her from the BAD GIRL throne.

Well, Rihanna is stepping out in her erotic divinity to squash such revolution reinstalling herself as the angelic succubus we are always praying for to visit us in our dreams.


Reminding us of her charm, the lovely singer poses in ultimate seduction for her Fenty brand campaign. Of course, Rihanna’s sexual glamor is delectably accentuated by her entrepreneurial knack as we have seen in her hugely successful Savage X Fenty brand.

Rihanna dazzled as she strutted her full chest in a nude bra and underwear from her Savage X Fenty campaign with her looks further garnished with thigh-high stockings. The queen that she is, Rihana was majestically sitting on a flower petal chair. Her dark hair flowed seductively like a black fountain.


We are so hungry for a bite Riri!

We just can’t take our eyes off Rihanna’s fuller cleavage even at gunpoint. Boy, Rihanna is undoubtedly that dream girl you can catch a nuclear bomb for!

Sharing the mouthwateringly racy picture on social media, the social space was expectedly set on fire in erotic amazement of the fuller woman Rihanna is blossoming into.


The picture amassed a hefty .5 million ‘likes’ within the first 60 minutes. Amongst those caught in the sexual awe of the picture was DJ Diplo who commented: ‘My like is that of a music fan.’

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