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Love Island

Are You Ready: US version of famous UK Reality TV Love Island hitting CBS on July 9



Love Island

Definitely in England, the famous Love Island show has been making the headlines and it would only be natural that the show is domesticated in the US with a typical American variant. And that is looking very likely as it appears the US version of Love Island would be storming CBS on July 9 revolutionizing American reality TV.

In close similarity with that in England, this CBS remake would feature a remake spanning a weekly five days. Producers are hugely optimistic it would be massively adopted by the American audience.

‘We want to feel like the World Cup of reality TV,’ ITV executive and executive producer David Eilenberg excitedly explained to Entertainment Weekly.

Love Island

However, in contrast of Spain, the American singletons will be stacked romantically in a tropical Fiji villa.

Love Island has conquered the English Reality TV landscape since it emerged in 2015. Here the show closely watches the lives of single strangers as they comingle for the 24 hours of a day with the intention of toasting sweet love. Eventually THE winner sneaks through the sexy competition to moonwalks home with the prize money.

Love Island

Couples would also have to put up with the perpetual seduction oozing from the arrival of sexy new singles storming the villa on a weekly basis to flavor the competition for mates with more savory intensity.

Love Island

‘I think it resonates with young people and the way the dating world is,’ Eilenberg says. ‘One thing we hear about dating apps is you’re constantly contending with FOMO and that some hotter better person might be right around the corner — so when do you actually commit? The mechanics of this show bring that conundrum to life.’


Are you ready???

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