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Sophie Richie

Sophie Richie gives it back hot to internet troll who accused her of photoshopping



Sophie Richie

In an era of fake life as we live in, Photoshop is busier than even hospitals as many strive to live that fanciful but virtual luxurious life. When you see all those hips and aggressive hips online on social media, a voluminous 78% of them have been graphically doctored. Photoshop is the guiltiest software responsible for the multitude of fake hourglass shapes online.

Therefore, when Sophie Richie posted a remarkably sexy bikini picture (from her Turks and Caicos vacation with Kylie Jenner) glowing in all her erotic fierceness, some of her fans cried foul and smelled Photoshop in action.

Sophie Richie

Sure, Sophie entertaining not the smallest spoonful of negativity expectedly hit back at the internet troll however modestly.

‘The curve of the wall sis, we were all rooting for you to not Facetune like the rest of them,’ the user wrote.

‘@queenannur thanks boo! But that is an archway,’ the model said politely.

Sophie Richie

Of course, the fears of @queenannur were quite valid given how dazzling Sophie looked in the pictures. The blonde princess strutted her beauty teeny tiny leopard print bikini splashing her curves all about the staircases in Turks and Caicos while followed by her fellow accomplice in sexiness, Kylie Jenner.

Sophie Richie

Kylie and her band of tightest friends flew off to the memorable island to enjoy some sweet girl time in celebration of her KylieSkin launch.


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